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Open RAN company Parallel Wireless will debut All G (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) solutions in the industry at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona.

Open RAN, also known as O-RAN, is the movement in wireless telecommunications to categorize hardware and software. O-RAN revenue is expected to reach $15 billion with Open RAN revenues responsible for over 10% of the overall RAN market by 2025, according to telecommunications source Dell'Oro Group.

The theme the company is emphasizing at the trade show is “The Future of RAN is Open,” demonstrating how 5G O-RAN interacts with 5G Standalone, depicting how the company helps mobile network operators move from 4G networks to affordable, inventive applications for 5G.

Parallel Wireless’ goal is to “help global mobile operators to reimagine their networks through Parallel Wireless’s unified ALL G cloud-native OpenRAN architecture and the world’s first and largest OpenRAN ecosystem by delivering substantial cost savings to their end users and industries.” The company will be in Hall 5, booth 5C61 at MWC 2022.