Persona 5 Paint
A character from "Persona 5" paints the town red.

While the delay of “Persona 5” to 2016 is unfortunate, Atlus has somewhat seized the bow by showing the complete opening theme song of the game during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Mixing the game’s stylish opening cinematic with the catchy tune and wonderful vocals of the song was a smart choice, guaranteeing that fans might experience last-song-syndrome (or LSS) when listening to it.

Kotaku has confirmed that this is the first time that the game’s opening theme has been heard from start to finish. Previous videos of the game have only played bits and pieces of the song, usually focusing on the actual gameplay and character models that fans are very excited to see on their screens.

Japanese singer Lyn provides the songs vocals and it’s quite catchy, a common staple of the “Persona” games. According to Siliconera, it was veteran Atlus composer Shoji Meguro who helped write the song.

As for the opening cinematic, it is incredibly slick looking and gorgeous. The video seen is mostly done in 2D animation and provides for some beautiful movement, along with kinetic and energetic character models that don’t look stiff at all.

Players will see members from the game’s party for the first time and a normal cat that turns into a chibi feline for no apparent reason, though the actual game might provide one. Red and Black also dominate the color scheme of the video, possibly hinting that this could be one of the darker “Persona” games in the series, which has always mixed darkness with levity well.

Like most of the games in the series, “Persona 5” will feature a cast of completely new characters and will probably take place in high school. The only character who returns to the series has been Igor, who is spotted in the cinematic, confirming his presence in the game.

A new anime special for “Persona 5” has also been announced, which has also become a common thing for the series. Both “Persona 3” and “Persona 4” featured animated specials, though it will still be interesting to see how the game gets adapted.

“Persona 5” will come to Japan in summer 2016 and North America in an unknown date on 2016. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 when it comes out.

ペルソナ5 OPテーマ / Persona 5 (Credit: YouTube/South Pathnet)