Marisa Tomei accepts the Oscar for her role in "My Cousin Vinny." Reuters

With the 2013 Academy Awards fast approaching, many are wondering whether or not Sunday night's show will lead to any unexpected surprises. Will Anne Hathaway lose Best Supporting Actress? Will "Django Unchained" somehow take home Best Picture?

Here's a look back at some of the most unexpected wins in Oscar history.

5) "Rocky" Wins Best Picture: In 1977, “Rocky” managed to beat out “All the President’s Men,” Network” and “Taxi Driver” for the highly coveted Best Picture award.

4) Ralph Fiennes Fails To Win For "Schindler's List": Following his riveting turn as Nazi Amon Goeth in the 1994 film "Schindler's List," Ralph Fiennes was believed to be a shoe in for the Best Supporting Actor award. Yet much to everyone’s shock, Tommy Lee Jones took home the honor for his role as a no-nonsense U.S. Marshall in “The Fugitive.”

3) 'Shakespeare in Love" Wins Best Picture: In one of the biggest Best Picture shockers of all time, the comedy “Shakespeare in Love” was honored with Best Picture over the widely acclaimed war drama “Saving Private Ryan.”

2) Marisa Tomei Beats Out Film Legends: In 1993, the nominees for Best Supporting Actress included such renowned actresses as Judy Davis, Joan Plowright, Vanessa Redgrave, Miranda Richardson and Marisa Tomei. Tomei from “My Cousin Vinny’” managed to beat out the tough competition—making for one of the most perplexing wins in the history of the ceremony.

1) "Goodfellas" Loses Best Picture: It’s difficult to believe that Martin Scorsese didn’t win his first Oscar until 2006, when “The Departed” picked up both Best Director and Best Picture. The iconic filmmaker‘s most shocking Oscar loss occurred in 1991, when Kevin Costner’s “Dances With Wolves” took home Best Picture instead of “Goodfellas.” To this day, it’s difficult to fathom how on earth that happened.