• The Edge of Time set greatly increases the damage of Temporal Blade and Cyclone Slice
  • The build excels at dealing immense burst damage to a group of enemies
  • The build suffers from low sustained damage 

The time-bending Trickster can be built in a multitude of ways, from the boss-smashing Twisted Rounds builds to a more active Anomaly Power build that has players zipping through rooms with relative ease.

Despite the sheer damage output of traditional Twisted Rounds builds, many players find this playstyle to be a bit boring. Seeing big damage numbers is undeniably satisfying, but there’s more to the Trickster than shooting things with a shotgun.

Here’s a non-meta Anomaly Power build with high mobility and extreme burst damage for Tricksters who want a more engaging and enjoyable playstyle in “Outriders.”

Legendary Armor, Skills And Mods

This build is designed around using Temporal Blade and Venator’s Knife to potentially one-shot anything that the abilities come in contact with. Targets marked by Venator’s Knife will cause the next attack they receive to deal double damage; this applies even to damaging abilities, essentially causing them to do critical damage.

Stacking as much damage onto Temporal Blade is one of the most important parts of this build. Use the Edge of Time legendary set for its 100% boost to Temporal Blade and Cyclone Slice’s damage, then make sure to have the following mods on for improved DPS and skill uptime:

  • Strong Slice
  • Cut Loose
  • Slasher
  • Double Slice

The third skill slot can be used for either Hunt The Prey or Cyclone Slice; the former is great for its added mobility while the latter can act as a filler ability for when Temporal Blade is on cooldown. Cyclone Slice also benefits from the Edge of Time set, making it a great third option.

Equip armor pieces that provide Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction and Skills Life Leech for maximum effect.

Class Tree

Take the Reaver tree for the extra Anomaly Power and Cooldown Reduction. Be sure to get Altered Executioner for the AP buff for each enemy in Close Range as well as the Countershield node to gain a 50% AP buff after using Venator’s Knife. Get Combat Shield’s Timeline if using Hunt The Prey over Cyclone Slice.

Recommended Weapons

This build doesn’t rely much on weapons to deal damage. However, guns with on-hit effects like Shadow Comet, Storm Whip, Death Chains and other mods can be very valuable as they can pump out tons of damage while abilities recharge. However, make sure to have Skills Life Leech on preferred weapons to further enhance survivability.

The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders. Photo: Outriders