• The Trickster specializes in high burst damage and hit-and-run tactics
  • This build takes full advantage of Twisted Rounds and the new Trespasser set effect
  • Players will need to play somewhat carefully due to the lack of defensive mods for this build

Since the early days of “Outriders,” the Trickster class has been known as the strongest damage dealer in the game. This hasn’t changed much even after all the patches that were issued to the game, but that doesn’t mean that this class is any less fun to play than the rest.

“Outriders” players who like to get up close and personal with enemies will love the Trickster. This class is a bit similar to the Devastator in terms of engagement ranges, but Tricksters excel in hit-and-run tactics with high mobility and potent crowd control abilities.

Here’s one particularly effective build that utilizes the Trickster’s Close Range stat buffs to their fullest potential.

Legendary Armor, Skills and Mods

This build will make heavy use of Twisted Rounds, Slow Trap and Time Rift along with the buffed Trespasser set that now increases weapon damage for every enemy affected by a Deception skill.

The Trespasser set’s bonus also prevents players from dying while inside a Slow Trap, making it a decent survivability option in case too many bullets come flying inside the time bubble or if players find themselves affected by a damage-over-time effect.

Make sure to have Firepower and Close-Range Damage on all armor pieces for maximum damage potential. Sneak in some Weapon Life Leech to help with survivability.

For mods, those that help with ammo regeneration and buff damage for Twisted Rounds take priority as it’s the main damage dealer of this build. Consider using the following:

  • Ammo Bargain
  • Perpetuum Mobile
  • Delivery On Time
  • And Another One

Damage mods like Twisted Fate and any other mod that increases Firepower are very valuable for this build. Try to fit in as many of these mods as possible while keeping at least two mods to help with ammo maintenance or regeneration.

Class Tree

Take the Assassin class tree and get all of the nodes that provide Shotgun damage, Close-Range Damage, damage buffs on skill activation and armor piercing.

Disruptive Firepower and Oddity Summation can greatly help with both damage output and ammo management.

Recommended Weapons

Automatic Shotguns can deal tremendous damage to enemies in close-range. They can shred through elites in seconds, and destroy weaker mobs in just a few shots. However, they usually have very low ammo counts in their magazines, which means that players will need all the damage and ammo regeneration they can get or risk losing Twisted Rounds.

Consider using Deathshield, Darkness Charmer or The Bulwark for their powerful built-in mods. Try to fit in the Dark Sacrifice mod in the weapon of choice for a 75% weapon damage buff while in combat.

The Bulwark legendary shotgun from Outriders
The Bulwark legendary shotgun from Outriders Outriders

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