• Each new map contains a hidden chest at the end of the level
  • The chests contain guaranteed epic loot with new weapon skins
  • The City of Nomads Expedition features a hidden boss fight

The new Expeditions that came with “Outriders’” “New Horizon” update have some interesting surprises that players may not know about.

Each of the new Expeditions features a secret chest containing a guaranteed, organic-themed Epic weapon. Players who are looking to collect all of the weapon skins will need to unlock these chests as they are the only ones in the game that can drop these new guns.

Thankfully, most of these chests are easy to reach. Here’s a quick guide on how to get to the secret chests in each of the new Expeditions in “Outriders.”

Molten Depths

This is arguably the easiest of the new Expeditions, and the secret chest here is often the first one that players encounter due to how obvious it is.

Run through the mission as usual until the final boss is defeated. Before exiting, wait for a few seconds, and a ringing telephone will magically appear by the left-hand side of the Pod. Interact with the phone to teleport to a secret room with a chest containing a weapon.

This room is a reference to a scene in “The Matrix” where Neo answers a telephone in a similar-looking room.

Marshall’s Complex

After clearing the Expedition, go down the hall on the opposite side of the Pod. A large door should now be open. Simply head through, and the chest should be at the end of the room.

This room is a reference to the People Can Fly office space.


Before ending the Expedition, run back to the cellar and in front of the staircase that leads back to the surface. To the left of the staircase is a path covered in a blue, glowing matter. The debris blocking this path should clear up after the final encounter is finished.

[Outriders] The barrier blocking the left doorway will be destroyed once the Expedition is completed
The barrier blocking the left doorway will be destroyed once the Expedition is completed Outriders

Head down to find a chest and a Feral Pax that appears to be making figures of Grayson Hunt, the protagonist of People Can Fly’s previous FPS game “Bulletstorm.”

The City of Nomads

The secret chest here is a bit more complicated than the rest. Scattered across the Expedition are nine skulls that must be shot in order to unlock a door at the final area. YouTuber KhrazeGaming uploaded a video showing where to find these skulls in order to reach the chest.

Keep in mind that this door also leads to a difficult boss fight, so come prepared.


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