A deleted listing over on Amazon gives players hope that “Overwatch” will soon make it to the Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo Everything, an “Overwatch”-themed carry case for the Switch appeared on Amazon very recently. The carry case was made by accessory maker PowerA and has been licensed officially by both Switch maker Nintendo and “Overwatch” maker Blizzard.

Photos reveal that the carry case indeed looks like it was made with “Overwatch” in mind. It has a black and yellow color scheme and proudly flashes the “Overwatch” logo in front. The zipper handles are even made to resemble the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

Inside, the case has a flap that secures the Switch in place while providing enough room for nine game cards. The “Overwatch” logo is also seen inside via a tag. The since-deleted listing gives more details about the Switch accessory.

It says that the case has a “sturdy outer shell with rubberized handle and durable dual zipper pulls.” It adds that the case’s molded interior fits the Switch in handheld mode, indicating that the case was designed to keep the console safe and secure. The listing also explained that the case interior is lined with felt, and has zippered mesh storage for other things.

The listing added that those who purchase the carry case can get a two-year limited warranty by registering at the accessory maker’s website. What’s more, the listing claims that the “Overwatch” Switch case will be released next month, specifically on Sept. 15.


Fans were excited to know that an “Overwatch”-themed Switch carry case appeared on Amazon because it gave them hope that Blizzard’s first-person shooter will be ported to the Nintendo gaming console. Some of them think that the port is happening and can’t get over it.

Amazon, however, deleted the listing and removed it from the internet. Some netizens believe that the removal is an indication that the leak was serious, and that the game is indeed coming to the Nintendo console.

Nintendo Life, for one, simply speculated: “why would a company make a Switch carry case for a game that isn't currently available on the Switch?” Netizens agree with the thought.

Still, Blizzard and Nintendo haven’t officially announced if there’s a port or not, which means it’s best to take the news with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates.

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