Most of “Overwatch’s” players really enjoy and look forward to the game’s seasonal brawls. We can’t blame them, since Lucio Ball and Junkenstein’s Revenge proved to be fan-favorites. For this season, however, the new brawl is getting a lot of responses from players, but they are not the good kind.

The new seasonal fight, called Mei’s Snowball Offensive, is basically a snowball fight that’s been incorporated to the first-person shooter by allowing Mei to scoop snow from the ground to her gun and shoot it to other people. The mechanics sound mundane because it really is. Kotaku notes how this brawl is no different from a regular firefight. What makes this worse is how Mei can only fire once and reload by scooping more ice from her surroundings. Also, each shot takes down an enemy easily because it is a single-elimination game.

Fans who have joined online discussions about the new “Overwatch” fight are saying that it is absolutely “anti-climactic” because players do not need to worry about damages since everything is just "one-shot." One fan even said, “I know, it’s free content, yay. But tbh after the awesomeness Junkenstein’s Revenge I was hoping for something a little more exciting and re-playable.”

Aside from the gaming mechanics of the new brawl, there are also “Overwatch” players who are not digging the new skin Blizzard gave to Mei. In time for the holiday season, Mei’s Winter Wonderland outfit has been released. It costs 3,000 credits and it does give Mei that Christmassy feel. However, Polygon reports the costume does not look that much different from the character’s usual outfit.

Reddit user Chriscaa112 couldn’t help but question Blizzard’s decision regarding Mei’s new skin. In a thread, the Redditor wrote how the developer simply recolored Mei’s usual costume and added a hat just to bring something that they can call as legendary skin to the table. Chriscaa112 also went as far as asking if Blizzard hates Chinese people, since the Chinese character has not received a decent skin unlike the other characters of the game.

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