Executive Producer and lead cast member Jason Bateman teased new details about "Ozark" Season 3 at the Emmys recently. The fans can expect to see a time jump, and there will be bigger problems the family will have to face.

Speaking to reports at the Emmy pressroom, Bateman said that the next season picks up six months after the events in the Season 2 finale, Entertainment Weekly reported. The plot of the show has always been about Bateman’s character Marty, who is a financial advisor who gets mixed up with a drug lord and has to launder money for him. His work puts the lives of his family members in danger, and that theme will continue on the show.

Marty was previously seen working hard to get a riverboat casino running. His plans are to use it to launder money, but just as there are opportunities to get more done, the new venture will bring its own set of problems.

“The casino is up and running, and that provides us with more opportunities both positive and negative, some that are tempting and some that are calming,” Bateman teased about “Ozark” Season 3.

The actor also confirmed that the casino will affect Marty’s family in “interesting ways.”

One of the characters that has been affected the most by the money laundering operation is Wendy (Laura Linney). Bateman confirmed that Marty’s relationship with Wendy will also be affected because of the casino.

The other major character on the show is Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner). In a previous interview, Garner had explained that her character doesn’t process any of the dramatic events in her life, which leads to her exploding when they catch up to her. This form of evolution of the character will continue in the next season, according to the actress.

Garner won an Emmy for her performance in the TV series. In her victory speech, she said that she loves playing Ruth, and she also thanked Bateman for being “a guiding light through the beginning,” Deadline reported.

“Ozark” Season 3 will air sometime later this year. The producers have yet to announce an exact release date.

"Ozark" Season 3 is expected to premiere in September. Ozark/Facebook