Ruth (Julia Garner) will continue to evolve in “Ozark” Season 3. After her previous struggles with identity, the character will finally be confident about who she is. Garner teased some details about her character in a recent interview, and explained how her character will be different on the show this time around.

After struggling about whether she is a Langmore or a Bryde, Ruth will become more confident about her identity in Season 3, Garner said in an interview with Vulture. There will be new challenges for the character to face, but the actress explained that at the core it will be the same kind of evolution for Ruth as the fans have seen before.

Ruth “doesn’t process anything dramatic” in her life, like the death of her dad. Garner said that her character tends to have these things that she doesn’t process catch up to her and it “explodes.” The actress pointed out this is how it happened with the death of her character’s uncle, which played out later on the show.

Garner’s character will have a similar journey in “Ozark” Season 3. She will once again fail to process a dramatic event in her life, which will have an effect on her in time. Although she will go through this routine on the show this year, it will play out in a “different way,” Garner teased.

In the past two seasons, Garner had to do some uncomfortable things. In a previous interview with The Wrap, she said that the worst moment for her on the show so far was the scene in which she had to put a mouse in the water. The actress said that she hates rodents and she was so scared while filming this scene that she was hyperventilating.

Garner will not be the only one who will be taking on new challenges in “Ozark” Season 3. Her fellow cast member Jason Bateman wrote on Twitter previously that he is concerned about his character Marty on the show this year.

"Ozark" Season 3 is expected to premiere in September. Ozark/Facebook