• Viktor is one of the best champions for new players to learn
  • He can deal good damage against both groups and tanks
  • Viktor's ability to sprint is great for disengaging from bad fights

Viktor has a reputation for being a simple champion to use, and anybody who thinks that isn’t exactly wrong. He is arguably the most beginner-friendly out of the starter heroes, but this doesn’t mean that he isn’t viable for high-level play.

When used properly, Viktor can become an elusive damage-dealer who can shred enemies before they can react. His combined simplicity and lethality make him a force to be reckoned with, but getting to this point requires a fair bit of practice and awareness.

Here’s an overview on how to play Viktor in “Paladins.”

Playstyle and Tips

As a damage-dealer, Viktor’s role is to burn through the enemies’ health bars to take them out of the fight. Kills aren’t the goal here; those are better off left for the Flankers.

Like other characters in his class, Viktor works best in close-mid range where he can safely shoot at enemies with his assault rifle. Headshots will deal slightly more damage, but don’t fret too much about hitting them. Viktor still deals good damage even without much precision.

His other main damage source is his Frag Grenade ability. This can be cooked for earlier detonation, making it a great backup tool for damaging nearby enemies.

Viktor’s mobility comes from Hustle, which is essentially a sprint button. Do not underestimate this ability. Hustle can save Viktor’s life with surprising ease, especially when paired with one of his talents.

As for his ultimate ability, keep in mind that it can be canceled. This is useful for conserving Ultimate energy for later fights.

Recommended Cards and Talents

Beginners should master the art of disengaging first, which is why Cardio is highly recommended for new Viktor players. When taking fire, immediately use Hustle to run away and let Cardio’s heal top Viktor’s HP off. With the following cards, the skill will make escaping and re-engaging flow more smoothly:

  • Scramble
  • Guerilla Warfare
  • Second Wind
  • Run and Gun
  • Compensator

This setup should give enough tankiness to survive most Flankers. It’ll also reduce the cooldown of Frag Grenade while Hustle is active, which will give more opportunities to deal some quick AoE damage.

A card setup for Viktor's Hustle ability in Paladins
A card setup for Viktor's Hustle ability in Paladins Paladins