• The Statue set greatly increases weapon damage while Golem or Tremor is active
  • The Trigger Twitch set contains powerful mods for sidearms
  • The build allows for constant crits and a zero-reload playstyle

Sidearms are often overlooked in “Outriders,” especially since many of the game’s primary weapons have such powerful mods built onto them. Though the plethora of pistols available to players may seem weak, they can be turned into powerful workhorses when the right loadout is equipped.

Here’s a sidearm build with the Devastator as a base class for anyone who’s looking to try something new in “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor, Mods and Skills

This will be a variant of the Firepower Statue build that uses parts of the new Trigger Twitch set, which revolves around sidearm buffs.

The Helmet of the Statue legendary armor piece from Outriders
The Helmet of the Statue legendary armor piece from Outriders Outriders

The build will still make use of the Statue set’s bonus Firepower effect from whenever Golem and Tremor are active, but it will shift its focus toward using sidearms instead of the usual array of weapons. Here’s the mod list:

  • Give Me More
  • Perseverance
  • Power of the Stones
  • Crush Sequence
  • Golem Squad
  • Sidearm Specialist
  • Crazed Gunman
  • Critstack
  • High Stakes
  • Plate Piercer

With this setup, players will have constant access to 100% sidearm crit chance as well as automatic reloads. Golem and Tremor will provide enough survivability, while Gravity Leap will let players dart through the battlefield while activating some essential buffs related to the class trees.

Class Tree

Take all of the Armor Piercing, leech and damage buff nodes in the Vanquisher tree to get the most DPS out of sidearms. Grab the Champion, Bounty Hunter and Ammo Stockpile nodes as well.

For the Pax skills, take the Harvester and Against Devastating Odds nodes in the Wrecker tree. These will give extra weapon leech, Armor Piercing and an extra way of getting 100% critical hit chance via Gravity Leap.


There are plenty of good options for this build, and in most cases, it will be up to player preference. For the most damage, try to use a sidearm with crit-related mods, like the Lucky revolver, and stack it with Dark Sacrifice for more firepower.

Consider using a mix of both single-target and AoE damage mods on sidearms since this build is weak against large groups. Nikola’s Revenge is an excellent mob-clearing tool, while Shadow Comet can fulfill both roles with great efficiency.