• Androxus excels at hit-and-run tactics in close quarters
  • Nether Step is best used to disengage from a fight
  • His ultimate can be used to kill tanks and other priority targets

Androxus is one of the more popular characters in “Paladins.” His menacing appearance, on top of having appeared in most posters and trailers, has made many players gravitate toward him.

However, in the game itself, he requires a certain degree of skill and game knowledge in order to be used effectively. Here’s a short collection of tips and tricks on how best to play as Androxus in “Paladins.”

Role and Playstyle

Androxus is played as a backline duelist who picks off the enemy team’s healers and damage dealers. His primary weapon is a six-shot revolver that deals high damage but has limited range. Like other Flank champions, he’s best played in close quarters where he can deal the most damage.

Despite having a relatively low health pool, Androxus can outlast most champions thanks to his abilities to reflect and evade damage. Reversal and Nether Step are core parts of his kit that can help him slay out while keeping himself alive. These also reinforce a kill-and-run playstyle that all Androxus players should master.

When playing as Androxus, players should try to move through the map’s side passages and attempt to hit the enemies from the back.

The revolver is strong enough to down most heroes in just four shots. This can be cut down to just three shots when at least two headshots connect. Try to stay close for easier shots and to be within range for Defiance.

Don’t be afraid to pop his ultimate whenever it’s up either. Use it to deal damage or quickly eliminate priority targets.

Once an enemy is down, retreat with Nether Step and wait for another opportunity to strike. Always use Nether Step to retreat. At least one charge can be used to close gaps, but try to leave the rest for a quick escape.

Cards and Items

Here’s a Nether Step-oriented card setup that’s great for beginners:

A Nether Step-focused card loadout for Androxus in Paladins
A Nether Step-focused card loadout for Androxus in Paladins Paladins

As for his in-game purchases, Deft Hands is a great choice in all scenarios as it speeds up his reload animation. Kill-to-Heal is also excellent since it makes Androxus more self-reliant.

Alternatively, try Master Riding to get back to the fight quicker or Chronos for faster ability cooldowns.