• Khan is a versatile tank who can hold his own in many situations
  • He can serve as either a main frontline fighter or off-tank defender
  • Khan can throw enemies off of a map with his ultimate ability

Khan is a versatile ranged fighter in “Paladins” who can fulfill a variety of roles. Though he is primarily played as the team’s main frontliner, he works well as a secondary tank who can keep pesky Flankers off of the team’s carries.

Players who are looking for a durable tank that can do a little bit of everything will find Khan to be a perfect choice. Here’s a short overview of how to play this champion in “Paladins.”

Khan Playstyle

Khan’s main job is to hold objectives and get the enemy’s attention. He has an automatic pistol that hits hard over medium ranges and a shield that works similarly to Fernando’s, though Khan’s is smaller and a bit weaker.

One of his main strengths is his versatility. Khan works surprisingly well as a frontliner, damage dealer and anti-flank champion thanks to his crowd control skills. If the team has a main tank, then Khan can help protect the backlines with his high damage and lockdown abilities.

When tanking, never charge into the objective alone. Always wait for the team to move up before engaging. Keep Bulwark up at all times and use Battle Shout whenever it goes down. Don’t be afraid to retreat once both of these skills are on cooldown.

Core Skills, Talents and Cards

Khan holds the frontline with his Bulwark and Battle Shout abilities. The former grants him a damage-absorbing barrier, while the latter gives him brief damage immunity while healing him for a decent amount.

Players who want to tank with Khan should use the Lian’s Shield talent for its buff to Bulwark, as well as the following cards for maximum survivability:

  • Hope Guard
  • Never Surrender
  • Platemail
  • Shieldwall
  • Ready for War

This setup will give Khan as much effective HP as possible through stronger Bulwark shields, improved healing, Battle Shout cooldown reduction and flat HP bonuses.

Off-tank Khan players can use either Storm of Bullets for better weapon damage or Vortex Grip for increased CC duration. Be sure to spec into cards that improve Commander’s Grab or his general effectiveness with his weapon to maximize the effects of these talents.

A card loadout meant for tanking with Khan in Paladins
A card loadout meant for tanking with Khan in Paladins Paladins