• Cassie is a mid-range damage dealer with high mobility
  • She can hold her own in one-on-one fights if used correctly
  • Cassie can deal good AoE damage and CC with her abilities

Cassie is a high-damage, high-mobility damage carry that’s easy to use but hard to master. She requires a bit of practice and finesse before she can be used effectively, but even newer players will be able to find some success with Cassie without exerting much effort.

Here’s a brief overview of how to play Cassie in “Paladins,” as well as some tips and suggestions for builds and general gameplay.

Cassie’s Playstyle

As a damage-dealer, she excels at shaving off enemy health bars with well-placed crossbow shots from a distance. She can deal some decent AoE chip damage with Blast Shot and can knock enemies up in the air for some easy shots with Disengage.

Cassie’s Dodge Roll ability often sets beginners apart from experienced players. This skill can be used both offensively and defensively, and knowing when to do which requires both skill and confidence.

Don’t be afraid to use this ability when dueling as it can often be the deciding factor in a fight. Good Cassie players use Dodge Roll to disorient enemies in close quarters, rolling towards their backs before hitting them with everything they have to secure a kill.

Cassie’s ultimate, Scout, is an excellent counter to flankers. It may be tempting to use it whenever it’s available, but try to save Scout for crucial pushes or when enemies are trying to dive the team’s backline.

Cards, Items and Talents

For beginners, learning how to use Cassie’s dodge offensively is highly recommended. As such, use the Exaction talent to help reinforce this playstyle. Then, equip the following cards for maximum effect:

A Cassie card loadout that focuses on aggressive gameplay with her Dodge Roll ability in Paladins
A Cassie card loadout that focuses on aggressive gameplay with her Dodge Roll ability in Paladins Paladins

Get at least one copy of Deft Hands to deal with Cassie’s slow reload speed and low ammo count. Then, get either Wrecker or Bulldozer depending on who the enemy tank is or if the other team has lots of deployables.

The Impulse talent is great for contesting objectives. Meanwhile, Big Game is best used against tanks since it deals a percentage of their maximum HP as bonus damage. Cassie’s playstyle will remain relatively the same across these three talent choices, so feel free to choose whichever suits the situation most.