• Maeve is a Flank champion who excels at harassing and assassination
  • Her ultimate brings tons of utility in many different scenarios
  • She can stack movement speed buffs to become extremely elusive in a fight

To a lot of players, Maeve is one of the most annoying champions to play against in “Paladins.” Her speed and agility make her incredibly hard to hit, and without a good support player with lockdown skills, Maeve can destroy an entire backline by herself.

Good players make these kinds of plays look effortless, but it actually takes plenty of skill and know-how to pull off. Here’s a general overview of how Maeve is played, as well as some tips on how to use her more effectively.

Role and Playstyle

Maeve is a Flank champion who excels at harassing carries and healers. Her small figure and fast movements make her very difficult to deal with, especially for projectile-based champions like Sha Lin and Bomb King, and her damage output is nothing to scoff at either.

As a projectile-based champion herself, Maeve works best in close quarters where her knives are easier to land. She can easily flank enemies by using Prowl, which increases her movement speed and jump height until she attacks.

Her signature move is Pounce, which sends her hurtling toward a target direction, dealing 400 damage to the first enemy hit. This can be used as both an attack and a mobility skill. When the Street Justice talent is equipped, this ability will execute anyone below 35% HP, which is great for tanks.

Pounce works best when used in tandem with Nine Lives, as its cooldown reset allows Maeve to both attack and retreat with a single rotation of her abilities. This can be made even more oppressive with the Rogue’s Gambit talent.

Maeve’s ultimate, Midnight, clouds the enemies’ vision in darkness. Use this to escape, engage or cause confusion while in the middle of a big team fight.

Cards and Items

Here’s one Pounce-centric card loadout that’s great for newer players:

A Pounce card build for Maeve in Paladins
A Pounce card build for Maeve in Paladins Paladins

For items, Maeve synergizes extremely well with Lethality, especially when paired with the Cut and Run card and while Prowl is active. This will let her zoom through the battlefield with three different speed boosts, allowing her to easily reposition without having to waste Pounce and Nine Lives.

Nimble and Chronos are also great picks for Maeve in general.