Pam Grier prefers the "timeshare" strategy when it comes to dating. The 73-year-old actress reveals that whenever she dates a man, she tells him clearly it is going to be only for two or three months.

"See, I timeshare men: 3 months, 90 days, that's all you get. I only date a timeshare guy 90 days a year. After that, it's me time. So, what season do you want?" Grier explained her dating strategy in an interview with Rolling Stone on Tuesday.

The actress went on to share her perspective on men cheating in relationships.

"The men are gonna do that [cheat]," Grier said. "I'd say, matter of fact, 'Here's a box of condoms for the road. I'll put it in your luggage, so you don't bring me back anything.'"

She said men often remove their rings as soon as they see her stepping in the elevator. "You think you slick? You think you'll come home and I'll take care of you? Please. Go let your f--- buddy take care of you. Please don't even try," she added.

Grier also has a warning for men who are willing to date her – they shouldn't even try to steal her "credit card and go pay for a f--k buddy" with it.

"That ain't even gonna happen," she noted. "Because I'm gonna cut your a-s up, m-----f---er. Don't worry about my guns. Worry about my chainsaw."

The actress joked she picks up her dates at "Home Depot and Lowes." "I can name 10 tractor companies. I can drive a forklift. I ain't no fool," she added.

Grier, who is living on a ranch located in Colorado, noted that she is an "independent woman" who is always ready for any "emergency" situation.

The actress disclosed that she always keeps clothes, keys and boots by the door, along with a backpack with extra water, in case there is an earthquake. Furthermore, she carries a fire extinguisher in her truck.

"And a 20-inch chainsaw, oiled and ready to go," the "Jackie Brown" actress added. "I saw a tree fallen over the road, the only access road around. I pull over and see all these truckers standing around, saying, 'Darn, there's a 10,000-pound tree on the road. What are we gonna do?' Then I get out and I see their faces. 'Uh-oh — here comes Foxy Brown with her chainsaw!'"

Grier is popularly known for playing Foxy Brown in the 1974 crime drama of the same name. She will be next seen in a comedy horror movie, "As We Know It," which is currently under post-production.

Pam Grier
Pam Grier and Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino pose on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Dec. 21, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images