Epic Games is adding a new hero to “Paragon” next Tuesday, and the new character seems to be a master of the sword with fighting abilities from the heavens.

On Thursday, “Paragon’s” creative director Steve Superville took to the official PlayStation blog to announce the imminent arrival of the new sword-wielding fighter, Kwang, to the battlefield. The newest hero of Epic Games’ MOBA is set to arrive on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Alongside Superville’s announcement is the release of the special trailer that features how the durable fighter is going to win against other heroes using his Legendary Blade.

As shown in the trailer, Kwang’s Light of the Heavens special ability involves lighting striking his sword to give him Physical and Energy Armor while giving AoE damage to the enemies surrounding the blade.

Kwang’s Judgement of the Heavens special ability is also featured in “Paragon’s” latest trailer, and it is nothing short of amazing as it involves throwing the Legendary Blade to the heavens before damaging and tethering opponents when it lands on the ground.

Superville indicated that when the Judgement of the Heavens attack is triggered the sword will remain planted in the ground unless it is retriggered by Kwang. Hopefully, this wouldn’t make the master swordsman vulnerable to strong attacks from enemies.

Another special ability that is highlighted in the trailer is Fury of the Heavens. In this move, Kwang spins his blade to cause AoE damage while slowing the enemies at the same time. This ability is useful even when Kwang’s sword has been thrown to a distant area, since the hero can just teleport to get it before spinning the blade.

Finally, Kwang also has the Gift of the Heavens special ability that grants lifesteal to him and his allies nearby. The ability is marked by bursts of light surrounding the sword and restoring Kwang’s life as an attack is performed against an opponent from a distance.

Wrapping up his announcement, Superville reiterated that “Paragon” is still in free open beta, so players can download and play the game even before Kwang’s official introduction on Tuesday. It can be noted that “Paragon” re-entered open beta last Sept. 16, with Superville revealing on the Epic Games official website that they have added new creatures and new skins to the game.

Check out Kwang and his special abilities below and tell us what you think in the comments section.