The four people arrested were connected to Amedy Coulibaly, who attacked a kosher market in Paris on Jan. 9, 2015. Above, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat (center) and Israel's Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar (left) attend a memorial ceremony at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket at the Porte de Vincennes, Jan. 21, 2015. Reuters/Charles Platiau

French police have arrested four people suspected of complicity in January’s deadly terror attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, French media report. Those in custody include a police officer who worked outside Paris when the Charlie Hebdo offices were stormed, an event that touched off a coordinated killing spree across the city. The police officer's unidentified boyfriend was also among those arrested. The suspects are believed to be close associates of Amedy Coulibaly, who killed four people in a Jewish market.

The arrested police officer is believed to have conducted an unauthorized check on her boyfriend’s police record and possibly let him into her barracks in Rosny-sous-Bois. He was wanted on drug charges, according to France24. Her boyfriend had met with Coulibaly in the days leading up to his attack on the Hyper Cacher kosher market on Jan. 9, when he killed four of his five victims. She converted to Islam sometime in 2013 and was suspended from her duties in late February, according to Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news site.

The two other suspects arrested have not been identified. Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, who attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices, Coulibaly and his common-law wife Hayat Boumeddiene were known to police for their extremist views and criminal activities. But it is unclear if the others connected to the self-styled cell were on the authorities’ radar.

The Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly were killed by police. Boumeddiene escaped and is believed to have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State group, to which Coulibaly pledged allegiance in a video released after January’s attacks. Two others connected to the couple – Fritz-Joly Joachin and Cheikhou Diakhaby -- were detained in Bulgaria and Turkey, respectively, after the attacks during what police suspect were attempts to cross into Syria.

Police believe Boumeddiene may be the woman seen in a video released in early February showing French-speaking Islamic State fighters. A woman is seen with a mask and an assault rifle, standing next to a man who calls for more attacks like those perpetrated by the French terrorists in January, according to CNN.