“Payday 2” continues to be a hit online game with first-person shooter (FPS) fans, so it’s no surprise that there would be new downloadable content (DLC) for the game in 2016. What might be surprising is the content itself, which is based on the ridiculously popular “Goat Simulator” comedy game. The DLC is available on Steam for $6.99.

In the DLC pack, players are going to have to steal goats and bring them to “the drunken pilot,” according to GameSpot. It is a strange piece of DLC to say the least, but is meant to be a light and comedic piece of content that some fans might enjoy.

Here is what is in the “Goat Simulator” DLC: a two day heist with the aforementioned premise of stealing Goats, one shotgun, four melee weapons, four masks, four patterns, four materials and five achievements.

The announcement of the DLC has gotten some mixed reactions. Eurogamer collected a number of reactions from fans, and not all the comments are positive. Some fans feel like the price is a bit too high, and others are wondering why it isn’t a free update.

Not helping is some of the controversy that the online shooter has picked up. The developers of the game recently added microtransactions to the game, which got a lot of fans riled up since “Payday 2” was already a paid game.

Microtransactions have been a controversial new element in this era of gaming. Titles like “Dead Space 3,” “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate” and others have faced criticism for their use of microtransactions, with developers claiming that they weren’t essential.

To be fair to the developers of “Payback 2” there are a number of free DLC packs that have been released, in addition to the paid ones. While microtransactions will always be controversial, the attempt to balance free and paid DLC is somewhat admirable.

“Payday 2” is available now for PC and console owners. The “Goat Simualtor” DLC is PC exclusive and will be available on Jan. 14 in Steam. Additionally, fans can also purchase “Goat Simulator” on PC through Steam or iOS and Android devices.

PAYDAY 2: The Goat Simulator Heist Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Overkill Software)