With the holiday season finally here and in full swing, the time has come for everything festive, including binge-watching holiday-themed TV episodes of favorite shows.

With all the Universal Branded content fans can hope for, there is plenty to watch this Christmas season. Check out these 116 specials you can stream throughout the rest of the season.

"30 Rock" Season 2, Episode 9- "Ludachristmas"

Tracy cannot participate in the staff's annual Ludachristmas party; Liz's parents and brother come to gloat over her.

"30 Rock" Season 3, Episode 6- "Christmas Special"

Liz finds herself alone for the holidays when her parents spend Christmas at a couples-only retreat.

"30 Rock" Season 4, Episode 8- "Secret Santa"

Kenneth's interest in doing a Secret Santa is not met with enthusiasm by the TGS staff, while Jack's diving into social networking leads to him finding an old crush from high school. Elsewhere, Liz tries to find a gift for Jack, and Pete takes vengeance on Jenna by turning her annual Christmas solo into a duet.

"The Baby-Sitters Club" Season 1, Episode 5- "The Baby-Sitters Special Christmas"

The girls prepare a Christmas party for children in the hospital.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 1, Episode 11- "Christmas"

When Holt starts getting death threats, Jake takes charge of his security; Terry gets his mojo back.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 2, Episode 10- "The Pontiac Bandit Returns"

The Pontiac Bandit is back in custody, where his knowledge of a Giggle Pig dealer earns him a plea deal. Gina and Boyle worry their parents are getting too close, and Santiago makes Holt a Christmas present.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 3, Episode 10- "Yippie Kayak"

On Christmas Eve, Terry must save Jake, Charles and Gina from a real "Die Hard" situation.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4, Episode 10- "Captain Latvia"

When Jake helps Charles track down his son's favorite toy for Christmas, the pair end up facing off against a Latvian crime ring. At the precinct, the team gets ready for the annual caroling contest against its sworn enemy, the MTA.

"Cheers" Season 6, Episode 12- "Christmas Cheers"

Sam rushes to buy Rebecca a Christmas present after he discovers everyone else bought her one.

"Chicago Fire" Season 1, Episode 10- "Merry Christmas, Etc."

An expensive necklace goes missing at the scene of a fire, leading to an internal investigation; Cruz makes a desperate decision to save his brother from a gang war; Dawson invites Casey to a party.

"Chicago Fire" Season 3, Episode 10- "Santa Bites"

A house fire puts a couple in danger; the Chicago Holiday Fest gives Molly's II a chance to shine.

"Chrisley Knows Best" Season 3, Episode 19- "A Very Chrisley Christmas 2"

The Chrisley family celebrates the holiday season and reminisces about their favorite moments of the season, like visiting a dude ranch and London.

"Chrisley Knows Best" Season 5, Episode 25- "A Play in a Manger"

Todd and Julie direct a play while also trying to teach Chloe and Grayson the meaning of Christmas.

"Chrisley Knows Best" Season 5, Episode 26- "The Nightmare Before Chrisley"

Todd has difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit due to all the visiting guests.

"Chrisley Knows Best" Season 7, Episode 11- "Young St. Nic"

Savannah's boyfriend has a proposal; tempers escalate when the family borrows Julie's car.

"Chrisley Knows Best" Season 9, Episode 19- "A Very Chrisley Fixmas"

The Chrisley family needs a miracle when Todd's behavior threatens to ruin Christmas.

"Everybody Hates Chris" Season 1, Episode 11- "Everybody Hates Christmas"

When the water heater breaks in their house, Julius and Rochelle must tell Chris that they can't afford to buy him the new Walkman cassette player that he wants for Christmas. Meanwhile, Drew spills the beans to Tonya about Santa Claus, making her question other things her parents have told her.

"Everybody Hates Chris" Season 2, Episode 10- "Everybody Hates Kris"

In order to make some extra money, Julius and Chris take a job at a department store as Santa and an elf. Things don't go well when Julius is fired and Chris ends up in the hospital.

"Everybody Hates Chris" Season 3, Episode 10- "Everybody Hates Kwanzaa"

Chris must do a good deed; Julius decides to boycott Christmas in favor of Kwanzaa.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 1, Episode 12- "The Ball"

Ray is upset to discover that the autographed Mickey Mantle baseball his dad gave him years earlier is a fake. So, he decides to tell his daughter Ally the truth about Santa.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 2, Episode 12- "All I Want for Christmas"

Romance on Christmas morning ends when Ray's family drops in.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 3, Episode 12- "The Toaster"

Frank and Marie exchange Ray's Christmas gift, an engraved toaster, for a coffee maker.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 4, Episode 11- "The Christmas Picture"

Ray tries to organize a family photo shoot for a Christmas present for his parents.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 5, Episode 11- "Christmas Present"

Ray buys Debra an extravagant gift, hoping she'll be so happy that she'll let him take a golf trip.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 6, Episode 12- "Season's Greetings"

A Christmas letter from Marie and Debra causes a family tiff.

"Frasier" Season 1, Episode 12- "Miracle On Third or Fourth Street"

Frasier deals with depressing callers when he agrees to cover for a sportscaster on Christmas.

"Frasier" Season 3, Episode 9- "Frasier Grinch"

Frantic to buy a Christmas gift for his son, Frasier ventures into a shopping mall for the first time in his life.

"Frasier" Season 5, Episode 9- "Perspectives on Christmas"

Frasier and Niles coach Martin for his big vocal solo, and Frasier shops for the right Christmas presents.

"Frasier" Season 6, Episode 10- "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz"

A friendly woman comes to Frasier's rescue when he is out Christmas shopping. She recognizes him and he offers to return the favor, but the last thing he is expecting is to end up on a blind date with her daughter.

"Frasier" Season 7, Episode 11- "The Fight Before Christmas"

Frasier plans a big Christmas blowout, while Daphne comes to grips with some surprising information.

"Frasier" Season 8, Episode 7- "Mary Christmas"

Frasier learns his co-host for a televised Christmas parade will be Dr. Mary.

"Frasier" Season 10, Episode 10- "We Two Kings"

The brothers squabble over who will host Christmas festivities; Roz falls for Santa.

"Frasier" Season 11, Episode 11- "High Holidays"

Niles sets out to prove he has a wild side; Eddie stars in a promotion; Roz dates a Santa.

"George Lopez" Season 2, Episode 11- "Meet the Cuban Parents"

Angie's parents visit for Christmas and make George feel uncomfortable.

"George Lopez" Season 3, Episode 12- "Christmas Punch"

At Christmastime, George will stop at nothing to make Max believe in Santa Claus.

"George Lopez" Season 4, Episode 10- "A Clear and Presentless Danger"

George puts his foot in his mouth when he accuses his mother of being a scrooge.

"George Lopez" Season 5, Episode 11- "George Is Being Elfish and Christ-Misses His Family"

George tells a white lie to avoid visiting Angie's family for the holidays.

"Growing Up Chrisley" Season 3, Episode 8- "Baa Humbug"

Chase is torn between Emily and Julie during the holidays; Savannah and Nanny set out to get rich.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 1, Episode 2- "Christmas Carnage in Carnation"

The holiday season screeched to a halt when six members of the Anderson family are discovered to have been gunned down in their home.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 1, Episode 3- "A Christmas Massacre"

A man dressed as Santa with handguns and a homemade flamethrower opens fire on a Christmas party.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 1, Episode 4- "A Christmas Morning Murder"

A holiday is ruined when a couple is gunned down in their bed during what looks like a brutal home invasion, but police soon discover the true motive for the double homicide is a shocking tale of deception and betrayal.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 2, Episode 2- "Holiday Terror"

Firefighters respond to a house fire and discover three gunshot victims inside. Also, authorities pursue a heavily armed murderer through Christmas.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 2, Episode 3- "Christmas Mourning"

On Christmas Eve in a quiet town, elderly couple Bob and Idella Young are brutally slain at home.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 2, Episode 5- "Christmas Rampage"

Two days after Christmas a mass shooting terrorizes a small town.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 2, Episode 6- "Christmas Rager"

Just before Christmas, the body of a young mother is found strangled inside a burning car.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 2, Episode 7- "Silent Night, Lethal Night"

A mother and her two daughters are shot to death before Christmas dinner.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 3, Episode 2- "Last Christmas"

Just after Christmas, a young couple is found murdered inside their Florida home.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 3, Episode 3- "Christmas Heartbreak"

A beloved couple is found murdered inside their home on Christmas morning.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 3, Episode 4- "Death in Santa Claus"

A family is found massacred in their Santa Claus, Georgia home.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 4, Episode 2- "Six Slays of Christmas"

Dayton, Ohio, is terrorized over the Christmas holiday by a string of brutal shootings.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 4, Episode 3- "Killing of the Christmas Tree Farmers"

After Christmas tree farmers are executed in the front seat of their car, a manhunt is launched.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 4, Episode 4- "Murder Under the Mistletoe"

Investigators uncover a love triangle when a young mother is murdered during the Christmas holiday.

"Homicide for the Holidays" Season 4, Episode 8- "Silent Night Murders"

When a young man and woman are found shot execution-style in a mall parking lot in the early hours of Christmas Eve, investigators believe a love triangle might have led to these brutal murders.

"House" Season 3, Episode 10- "Merry Little Christmas"

House is furious with Wilson; he tries to diagnose a little person's serious illness.

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Season 8, Episode 21- "A Very Merry Christmas"

The members of the Kardashian family shoot the annual Christmas card photo and exchange gifts.

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Season 15, Episode 4- "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Kourtney considers spending the holidays away from her family; Khloe hides from the public eye.

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Season 16, Episode 9- "Christmas Chaos"

Kris reluctantly allows Kim to take over the annual Christmas Eve party; North's hamster dies.

"Kevin Can Wait" Season 1, Episode 12- "I'll Be Home for Christmas...Maybe"

Kevin decides to help Mott and his kids prepare for the holidays while Mott's wife is away.

"Kevin Can Wait" Season 2, Episode 12- "The Might've Before Christmas"

Vanessa and Kevin reminisce about their first patrol together while gathered around the Christmas tree.

"The King of Queens" Season 1, Episode 11- "Noel Cowards"

Arthur believes his Christmas gift will provide a solution to Doug and Carrie's car woes, but it is one that winds up being worse than the original problem.

"The King of Queens" Season 2, Episode 12- "Net Prophets"

Carrie insists on using Doug's Christmas bonus to invest in Internet stock.

"The King of Queens" Season 3, Episode 11- "Better Camera"

Doug feels great when he surprises Carrie with a new camera for Christmas, but her boss one-ups him.

"The King of Queens" Season 4, Episode 12- "Ovary Action"

Holiday visitors interrupt Doug and Carrie's attempt to conceive.

"The King of Queens" Season 5, Episode 11- "Mentalo Case"

Doug recalls his childhood toy; Arthur sends Holly to find the perfect gift.

"The King of Queens" Season 6, Episode 11- "Santa Claustrophobia"

Carries drives Doug crazy when she takes a part-time job at IPS during the holiday season; Arthur tries to bring everyone together for a Christmas portrait.

"The King of Queens" Season 8, Episode 11- "Baker's Doesn't"

Doug and Carrie are suckered into helping out at the church bake sale, but Carrie can't bake. Arthur and Spence try to write a Christmas song.

"Little House on the Prairie" Season 1, Episode 15- "Christmas at Plum Creek"

The Ingalls struggle with limited funds as they decide on Christmas Gifts.

"Little House on the Prairie" Season 8, Episode 11- "A Christmas They Never Forgot"

The Ingalls family and friends remember Christmases past while snowbound on Christmas Eve.

"The Middle" Season 1, Episode 10- "Christmas"

Mike offers to organize the family Christmas so Frankie can focus on rehearsing a solo for Mass.

"The Middle" Season 2, Episode 10- "A Simple Christmas"

Frankie's holiday plans are threatened when her parents come to stay with the family.

"The Middle" Season 3, Episode 11- "A Christmas Gift"

Frankie plans a Christmas Eve party; Mike struggles to keep Frankie's Christmas gift a secret.

"The Middle" Season 4, Episode 9- "Christmas Help"

Mike helps his brother Rusty move some furniture into the Heck family's garage, only to realize the furniture is stolen; Frankie hopes to land a part-time job in a department store so she can get a discount on Christmas presents.

"The Middle" Season 5, Episode 9- "The Christmas Tree"

Axl wants to spend time with his friends when he comes home for Christmas.

"The Middle" Season 6, Episode 9- "The Christmas Wall"

Tired of decorating for the holidays, Frankie decides to have a minimalist Christmas.

"The Middle" Season 7, Episode 10- "Not So Silent Night"

The Hecks decide to stay home on Christmas Eve and watch a mass on TV.

"The Middle" Season 8, Episode 9- "A Very Marry Christmas"

Sue keeps a huge secret from the family; Mike is unsure how to react to a gift from Bill Norwood.

"The Middle" Season 9, Episode 10- "The Christmas Miracle"

Frankie and Sue are devastated when Axl informs them that he's not going to church; Mike goes to war with the Glossner kids after they keep defacing his giant inflatable snowman; Brick attempts to wrap his first present.

"Modern Family" Season 1, Episode 10- "Undeck the Halls"

Cameron and Mitchell bring Lily to have her picture taken with Santa.

"Modern Family" Season 3, Episode 10- "Express Christmas"

The family puts together a quick celebration when they realize they won't be together on Christmas.

"Modern Family" Season 5, Episode 10- "The Old Man and the Tree"

Jay and Manny set out to cut down their own Christmas Tree. Meanwhile, Gloria is on edge when her mother visits and Mitchell does last-minute shopping to find the perfect gift for Lily.

"Modern Family" Season 7, Episode 9- "White Christmas"

Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains where the family can celebrate a picture-perfect Christmas.

"Modern Family" Season 11, Episode 9- "The Last Christmas"

Mitchell suspects Cameron has an ulterior motive for keeping everyone happy for Christmas dinner; Claire tries to dodge Jay's job offer to work at his dog bed company; Luke has to deal with the consequences of kissing Manny's ex-girlfriend Sherri.

"The Office" Season 2, Episode 10- "Christmas Party"

The Secret Santa gift exchange goes awry as Michael's "Yankee Swap" lands personalized presents in the wrong hands.

"The Office' Season 3, Episode 10- "A Benihana Christmas Part 1"

Dwight and Andy compete to cheer up Michael after a Christmas card gone wrong leads to relationship turbulence.

"The Office' Season 3, Episode 11- "A Benihana Christmas Part 2"

Karen and Pam host a margarita-fueled karaoke bash to lure people away from Angela's overbearing Christmas party.

"The Office" Season 5, Episode 11- "Moroccan Christmas"

As the recently-crowned head of the party planning committee, Phyllis plans her own Moroccan-themed Christmas party; Dwight corners the market on the hottest toy of the holiday season.

"The Office" Season 6, Episode 12- "Secret Santa"

Andy's themed Secret Santa gifts get increasingly wild; Michael and Phyllis become dueling Santas; Oscar has a crush.

"The Office" Season 7, Episode 11- "Classy Christmas Part 1"

Michael makes Pam postpone the Christmas party for Holly; Dwight's snowball fight with Jim escalates.

"The Office' Season 5, Episode 12- "Classy Christmas Part 2"

Oscar makes a surprising discovery about Angela's boyfriend; Holly gets an unexpected visitor at the staff party.

"The Office" Season 8, Episode 10- "Christmas Wishes"

Andy tries to make holiday wishes come true, while Robert decides to drown his sorrows at the office party.

"The Office" Season 9, Episode 9- "Dwight Christmas"

When the office forgets to plan a Christmas party, Dwight throws an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas celebration.

"Parenthood" Season 4, Episode 11- "What to My Wondering Eyes"

Kristina and Adam are faced with a health scare; Jasmine and Crosby celebrate their first Christmas as a family; Sarah feels torn between Mark and Hank; Ryan and Amber have relationship problems.

"Parks and Recreation" Season 2, Episode 12- "Christmas Scandal"

A meeting with a disgraced councilman and Leslie in the middle of a sex scandal.

"Parks and Recreation" Season 4, Episode 10- "Citizen Knope"

Everyone in the office tries to plan a Christmas gift for Leslie.

"Parks and Recreation" Season 5, Episode 9- "Ron and Diane"

Ron, Diane and Leslie attend an awards dinner, where Ron is nominated for a prestigious woodworking award. Jerry fails to invite some of his friends to his holiday party.

"Psych" Season 3, Episode 9- "Christmas Joy"

After helping a girl get a mall Santa out of jail in time for Christmas, Shawn and Gus realize their clients are con men with a big score planned.

"Punky Brewster" Season 1, Episode 12- "Yes, Punky, There is a Santa Claus" Part 1 and 2

Henry volunteers to play Santa at Punky's school; Punky thinks a gift is from her mom.

"Punky Brewster" Season 2, Episode 13- "Christmas Shoplifting"

Punky's decision to shoplift a Christmas gift lands Mike in jail.

"Punky Brewster" Season 4, Episode 7- "Christmas Hero"

Punky becomes a hero at Christmas when she discovers a briefcase left behind in the restaurant.

"Roseanne" Season 5, Episode 12- "No Place Like Home for the Holidays"

A Christmas eve snowstorm strands Roseanne and Nana Mary at the diner.

"Roseanne" Season 6, Episode 12- "White Trash Christmas"

The Conners annoy the neighborhood association by putting up tacky Christmas decorations.

"Roseanne' Season 9, Episode 12- "Home for the Holidays"

Dan returns home to celebrate Christmas after visiting his mother in California.

"Saved By the Bell" Season 4, Episode 24- "Home for Christmas: Part 1"

The students are shocked during the Christmas season to discover the new girl working in Mr. Moody's store is homeless.

"Saved By the Bell" Season 4, Episode 25- "Home for Christmas" Part 2

Zack's family invites Laura and her father home for Christmas.

"Superstore" Season 3, Episode 7- "Christmas Eve"

Trying to prove how wild she can be, Amy turns a boring Christmas Eve into a holiday adventure.

"That 70s Show" Season 1, Episode 12- "The Best Christmas Ever"

Red gives Eric money to buy a Christmas tree; Kelso needs a gift for Jackie.

"That 70s Show" Season 3, Episode 9- "Hyde's Christmas Rager"

Eric stumbles home from Hyde and Bud's holiday bash and pukes in Red's shoes.

"That 70s Show" Season 4, Episode 12- "An Eric Forman Christmas"

When eric directs the Christmas pageant, he casts all of his friends despite Pastor Dave's objections.

"That 70s Show" Season 6, Episode 7- "Christmas"

The guys go to a high school dance; Kitty casts Red as Santa Claus.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 3, Episode 11- "Santa's Village of the Damned"

Alan dates a controlling woman who takes over the house during the Christmas holidays.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 4, Episode 11- "Walnuts and Demerol"

Charlie finds himself throwing an unwanted, unplanned holiday party.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 7, Episode 11- "Warning, It's Dirty"

Charlie coaches Jake on the art of infidelity while his girlfriend is away for Christmas.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 8, Episode 12- "One False Move, Zimbabwe"

Walden's mother arrives for Christmas and Alan is smitten with her, even as she reveals a secret about a "pet" from Walden's past that sends him into a downward spiral.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 10, Episode 11- "Give Santa A Tail-Hole"

Walden juggles his two identities; Alan ends up alone on Christmas.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 11, Episode 10- "On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!"

Jake sends Alan a Japanese delicacy; the house comes alive with questionable Christmas lyrics.

"Two and a Half Men" Season 12, Episode 8- "Family, Bublé, Deep-Fried Turkey"

Alan and Walden are determined to convince Louis that Santa Claus is real.

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