• "Persona" series chief director is interested in giving announcements to US and Japan fans at same time.
  • "Persona 5 Royal" and "Persona 5 Scramble" still has separate release dates and announcement dates for Japan and the US.
  • For future titles, the series director wants this situation changed

The latest “Persona 5” spinoffs are confirmed for an early 2020 release but its developers are barely teasing any information in the West. Fortunately, the game’s chief director has an explanation for this and even confirms that he wants to change the gap for sending out information about the title. Potentially, the next “Persona” update could come at an earlier date or even the same time as it does in Japan.

West-Japan Information Gap

According to an interview from Japanese news site 4gamer, “Persona 5 Royal” producer and series chief director Kazuhisa Wada is interested in announcing its “Persona 5” details in Japan and the rest of the world at the same time.

Previously, the original “Persona 5” title had separate release dates for its Japanese and Western releases. Giving time for English localization was the reason between the release gap. Even though the release dates were different, most “Persona 5” announcements were in Japanese and often leave Western fans in the dark without translations. often large gestures such as release date updates and even using the Tokyo Tower in one of its announcements.

Potentially, the next announcements after the 2020 “Persona 5” spinoff titles could be the beginning of the similar date of announcements about the next “Persona” titles.

2020 Persona Titles

In the West, Atlus is planning to release the “Persona 5 Scramble” and “Persona 5 Royal” in early 2020. “Persona 5 Royal” release on March 2020 is its Western release which has a 5-month difference from the title’s Japanese release. Meanwhile, the “Persona 5 Scramble” in February is its Japanese release date and has no definite dates for the West. The gap still exists for the “Persona 5” spinoff titles.

Better Situation After Royal And Scramble

Taking Wada’s word for the “Persona” series, fans in the West can expect the next “Persona 5” titles to have similar dates for announcements. The Japanese “Persona 5 Scramble” announcements last November have a dedicated English stream which was hosted by Virtual Youtuber, Kimino Miya.

After these two titles, many fans are still waiting for the fighting game spinoff of “Persona 5.” Many fans speculate that Atlus can’t focus on making “Persona 5 Arena” yet due to being busy on its own in-house titles and Arc System Works working on other projects at the moment. After early 2020, both companies may finally have time to work with each other for this new title which could receive announcements that are more synchronized.

persona 5 royal futaba sakura twitter
"Persona 5 Royal's" Futaba Sakura spending time with the game's main protagonist. Atlus/Persona 5 Royal/Twitter