Atlus has just revealed the new Futaba Sakura trailer for her appearance in the upcoming “Persona 5 Royal” game that is set to launch soon. While she mostly looks the same from the original game, she has some new scenes, costumes, and her own All-Out attack in the teaser video. A preview on her new Persona summon can also be seen in the clip.

As seen in the official Atlustube video, Futaba Sakura is the main focus of the latest “Persona 5 Royal” trailer. In the “Persona 5” story, she can be recruited in the middle of the playthrough where she’ll serve as the player’s support. For the most part, she analyzes enemies to know their weak points and occasionally provides supportive buffs and effects to help the player’s party fight better.

In the video clip she is seen interacting with the new character, Kazumi Yoshizawa, along with the main player character. Futaba still keeps her nerdy and socially inept personality which fans know her much for. In addition to the new scenes, Futaba can also be seen among the other main party members celebrating a Japanese festival and wearing a yukata herself.

As for her battle skills, Futaba gets her own All-Out Attack finisher. In her version, her Persona drops a bomb which fails to explode and only does so after poking it a few times. The original “Persona 5” only allowed her to have supportive abilities and she was never allowed to enter the battlefield.

Lastly, her new Persona seems to look like a massive spaceship seen in most space sci-fi stories such as “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” This is in line with her first Persona, Necronomicon, which is a black UFO with neon green inscriptions.

After Futaba’s reveal, two other characters will be revealed through upcoming trailers. They are Haru Okumura and Goro Akechi. Since “Persona 5 Royal’s” announcement, Atlus has been releasing trailers for all the main characters of the game prior to its release.

“Persona 5 Royal” will be released in Japan on October 31, and it will have an early 2020 release in the Western market.

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"Persona 5 Royal's" Futaba Sakura spending time with the game's main protagonist. Atlus/Persona 5 Royal/Twitter