The King's Graceland has gotten a whole lot cuter!

Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of singing legend Elvis Presley, has showed off her beautiful 3-month-old girls Finley and Harper in the new issue of People.

When we brought them home, we were in shock-and blissful, says the 40-year-old Presley.

There will definitely be a music lesson on Grandpa, she said about the kind of music the girls will listen to.

Presley and husband Michael Lockwood, 47, share their L.A. home with Presley's kids from a previous marriage: daughter Riley, 19, and son Benjamin, 16.

I really wanted these babies, says Presley, 40, who tried for two years to get pregnant.

My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages, she explains. The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.