Filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” continues in Australia. Leaked photos from a new location known as Marine Stadium or Bums Bay show the crew building a set to film scenes. Meanwhile, star Johnny Depp celebrates his 52nd birthday on June 9. [Spoiler alert]

As filming continues, a single-mast ship called the Dying Gull continues to be used in scenes.  Leaked photos posted on the Gold Coast Bulletin show two huts being built for a scene and there is also a replica of the Dying Gull. The filming at the new location comes after the cast and crew were previously busy filming scenes at Raby Bay.

An 1897 Scottish trawler known as the Rainbow Gypsy is said to have been refitted and used as the Dying Gull. The ship is apparently the one that sank in the first movie, when Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow, was introduced. None of the cast members can be seen in the photos as filming has yet to begin at the new location.

Fans sent Depp birthday wishes via social media. The posts on Twitter showed the fans expressing their love for the actor and some of them have also shared a few memorable scenes from the actor's movies over the years. Some fans, who were able to meet the actor at sets of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5,” posted images of their interactions and photos of the autographs that they received.

Martin Klebba, a cast member, posted his birthday message for Depp on his Twitter page. Klebba called Depp “the greatest captain” and hoped that the actor has an “awesome day.” He may be joining Depp at the movie set soon, as he said “see you at work boss,” in the tweet.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that Depp is a “big advocate of fast food” and he may be celebrating his birthday at a KFC outlet. The actor, who also likes McDonald’s and Burger King, is back in Australia to film scenes for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5.”