Apple's Mac App Store has been racked by hackers, only a day after its launch. Reuters

Apple launched its much-awaited Mac App Store on Thursday, but reports have already surfaced that software pirates have been able to run through the security systems and install and run illegal apps.

On the day of the store's launch, reports emerged that a simple cut-and-paste workaround had been discovered that illegally 'cracks' some paid apps. Crackers apparently found that replacing the receipt and signature files in some paid app packages, which can be downloaded from third-party sites, with the receipt from a free app allows the app to run in some cases cracking of its platform, tech website Appleinsider reported on Friday.

With the launch of the Mac App Store Apple intended to create an iOS-like ecosystem around its Mac OS X opened with 1,000 paid and free apps.

It looks like the App Store has now got to face down the same threats it faced over its iOS App Store.

Gizmodo reported that some hackers claim to have cracked Apple's security for the Mac App Store.

Tech websites are abuzz with talk that the new breach will create a fresh dimension to the years-long challenge of the app cracking community. The question is whether and how Apple will address this issue.