EA DICE and Electronic Arts’ “Battlefield 1” is scheduled for release on Oct. 21. But for players who are very eager to test out the first-person shooter, there’s actually a way for you to enjoy at least 10 hours of game time as early as Oct. 13.

According to Polygon, EA DICE has announced that players can spend time with “Battlefield 1” via the “Play First Trial” that would go live on EA Access and Origin Access eights days ahead of the game’s official release.

Through the “Play First Trial,” players can get 10 hours of game time on five maps for four multiplayer modes. The maps are identified to be Amiens, Fao Fortress, Sinai Desert, St. Quentin Scar and Suez, while the four modes are Conquest, Domination, Operations and Rush.

Players who can make the most out of the 10-hour game time can also access the two single-player missions, titled Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood.

Gamers who will access “Battlefield 1” ahead of its release should know that any progress that they have achieved in the trial period will be carried over to the full game once the latter is officially out.

For players who are still contemplating on whether or not playing the trial is worth it, Ubergizmo has learned that exclusive content can be unlocked via the “Play First Trial.” For example, there’s the Trench Raider Dog tag that  will only be available to those who are part of the trial period. Another perk pertains to the Battlepack that will be included in the full version once a player has completed the 10-hour game time for the trial.

Trial players are also advised to allot time for the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition that is reportedly launching three days prior the game’s official release. This edition is said to come with the rest of the maps and modes of the military shooter.

Early access to upcoming games is an incentive to subscribers of EA Access and Origin Access. Since the trial program was launched two years ago, it has been providing players with the standard 10 hours of gameplay in anticipation for the official release.

“Battlefield 1” is slated for release on Oct. 21 for PS 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.