It seems that apart from bringing new features to the PlayStation 4 console, the latest update also comes with some problems. The 4.00 update was released recently and while many are quite pleased with its features, one has pointed out things that still need improvement.

One of the highly anticipated feature that comes with the version 4.00 update is the ability to create, edit and delete folders. This feature has long been present on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles, but it was just through the recently released update that PS4 players can make use of it.

However, Ground Punch has learned two main issues with the folder feature. First, users cannot sort the folders to their liking because they are automatically arranged based on the order they were last used. Second, users cannot modify the cover of the folders, since they are designed to automatically show the first three items inside along with a folder icon on the lower right corner.

The gaming site noted that these may not be major issues, but they tend to limit the functionality of the folders, adding that in the case of the second problem, having custom covers would make it easier for users to identify the contents by just looking at the cover.

Ground Punch also pointed out that while the Library has been updated to sort things into six categories — Folders, Games, Applications, Purchased and TV & Video — Sony has forgotten to add a section for purchased but uninstalled content. The site also stated that looking for games installed some time ago would be tedious because the Install Status search displays entries based on their purchase date. Nevertheless, there is actually the search function that can make game-finding quicker and more effective.

Despite these issues, the PlayStation 4.00 update does bring more than what it lacks. It has a Music section on its Quick Menu, support for high-resolution content, High Dynamic Range, a new Activity Feed and a redesigned content info screen, among many others, according to the official PlayStation blog.

For the full list of the update’s new features and improved implementations, check out’s complete release notes here.