• Sony's new patent could address the need to buy replacement controllers, which are usually expensive
  • The patent allows gamers to use any object, including fruit or household items, as a controller
  • The Sony patent could follow the Nintendo Wii controller concept but without worrying about replacement cost

Having to purchase a new or replacement PlayStation controller could be a huge problem for those without the budget for it. The wear and tear of pushing those buttons and joysticks are a given, but Sony may have a curious and innovative solution to address this concern.

A new patent was filed last month for the PlayStation 5 that would allow gamers to use fruit like a banana or an orange as a controller. The concept is adaptable to other common objects, like a bottle or plush toy, something that could help consumers avoid unwanted additional game peripheral costs.

The designers noted in the filing that traditional controllers can be a “barrier to entry” because of their “technical complexity (and therefore cost).”

The idea behind this PlayStation 5 controller concept is to use any “inexpensive, simple and non-electronic” object that a gamer can hold as a video game peripheral. The process starts with the camera on the PS5, which would watch and track the object on the person's hand, similar to how the PlayStation Move controllers work.

This unusual controller for the PlayStation 5 could work for games requiring motion controls. Referred to as the “Two-Object” controller, a player, for example, could use two oranges as the main controllers for games. Like in the case of racing games, a player could use one of the fruits to accelerate and the other to apply the brakes – depending on how they are defined.

For folks who may have tried other game consoles, the Nintendo Wii comes to mind. The controllers are flexible and rely on motion for gamers to enjoy most of its sports-related titles.

But it remains that the Nintendo Wii game controllers are not spared from potential damage and wear-and-tear. The PS5 controller patent tries to address that by using a different kind of technology that focuses on everyday objects that are readily available.

Sony’s banana concept controller for the PlayStation 5 is ambitious but something that makes sense. But though logical, it remains to be seen if the company will pursue this concept that most label “ambitious.” It is possible that it will never actually make it to any console.

ps4 controller
Sony's DualShock4 controller can now be used with the iPhone and other Apple devices. (Pictured: A Playstation 4 and its controller is on display at the Sony Playstation E3 booth on June 11, 2013 in Los Angeles.) Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images