• Nintendo subsidiary NDcube may be planning to develop a new game
  • The mystery game could be an "F-Zero" title or another "Mario Party" game
  • The game developer may be tasked to improve "Mario Party" shortcomings on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has offered many party games over the years, but it appears it has plans to release a new title under its subsidiary, NDcube. But for that to push through, it needs all the help it can get—which could be the reason why NDcube is now looking for a game developer to join the team.

Twitter user Nintendo Memories posted a picture of NDcube’s recruitment brochure for 2021. The post included images of the titles released by the developer, mostly “Mario Party” games. But a mystery game can be spotted at the upper-right side of the image as well.

“Let’s make a new game together!” the text reads.

This appears to suggest that NDcube is gearing up to potentially develop and launch a new game. And from the looks of it, the mystery game could be meant for the Nintendo Switch.

As for what kind of game the developer may work on, it is speculated to be a new party game. With the “Super Mario Party” not exactly meeting expectations, based on reviews, the company could use the lessons learned from analyzing the shortcomings of the older game and make improvements to the new one to make it more appealing to fans.

“Super Mario Party” drew criticism for its lack of game boards and other content. The only part that most enjoyed was the mini-games. The prospective developer may look into that and make the necessary adjustments in order to produce a much more successful game.

Another possibility is a new “F-Zero” game. “F-Zero: Maximum Velocity” was released by NDcube in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. While it may seem a bit odd to see the “F-Zero” series come out, it is worth noting that it has been mysteriously getting attention as of late.

“F-Zero GX” producer Toshihiro Nagoshi recently expressed interest in creating for Nintendo a new version of the game, something that was considered a good alternative to “Mario Kart” back in the 1990s and 2000s. Nagoshi is not getting his hopes up, but anything can happen with the right push since it remains one of the best racing games ever made.

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