There is a great deal of hype surrounding PlayStation VR, the virtual reality gaming head-mounted display that will be released on Oct. 13. The new tech product is expected to sell over 2.6 million units by the end of the year, according to market research company SuperData Research.

Sony has an install base of 44 million people that currently own the PlayStation 4. According to SuperData, PlayStation VR will definitely benefit from this. The company also has about 500,000 demo opportunities around the country, which SuperData says helped boost pre-order sales. The PlayStation VR has many games coming from solid series, including "Final Fantasy," "Rocksteady’s Batman" and "Resident Evil."

While many are talking about PlayStation VR, it might be difficult to draw interest for a product that has a suggested retail price of $399. But Sony believes it will catch on.

"Our biggest challenge will be to get people demoing VR," Michael Ephraim, managing director at Sony Interactive Entertainment in Australia told IGN in November 2015. "Because there's no way to sell VR until you've tried it... You can watch over the shoulder, you can read articles, but – and I mean this genuinely – everybody that I know who has tried PlayStation VR has taken off their headset with a smile, and said 'wow'. So you've got to try it. That's the challenge."

For those who haven’t had a chance to pre-order PSVR, Amazon will launch bundles and core headsets for purchase starting Thursday night.

Here's a tutorial on how to set up the PlayStation VR.