Final Fantasy XV Cars
The lead characters of "Final Fantasy XV" go for a ride.

The lumbering limbs and head and massive body of the Catoblepas, one of the enemies in “Final Fantasy XV,” makes it a monstrous creation in the franchise. Fans were able to witness its sheer power and size firsthand during the “Final Fantasy XV” Episode Duscae demo.

This time, developer Square Enix has released a concept art featuring the monster. In addition, the game art designer Chihiro Hashi shares his thoughts on what the team had done in creating the Catoblepas.

The Catoblepas’ overall look gives the feel of a fantastical monster. But despite this, the creators tried to make the monsters as believable as possible. The horns that line its neck and face, as well as the big body, are reminiscent of dinosaur beasts in cave paintings and books.

In creating the Catoblepas, the developer shared via Twitter that the efforts of the team were focused on the face and leg sections, DualShockers reported. This makes sense, as these are the parts that “Final Fantasy XV” players will be facing when they play the game. The concept art of the Catoblepas can be seen in the link above. Apart from the details of the monster’s anatomy, there is also a person in the art for comparison of the Catoblepas’ size.

Square Enix has also recently explained why the main characters in “Final Fantasy XV” are wearing black. According to GameSpot, the colors are actually significant in terms of identifying the characters and their relation to the royal family. Noctis is obviously one of the royals, while the other three main characters are parts of the Lucian organizations.

This was revealed by “Final Fantasy XV” director Hajime Tabata. Thus, the color black actually pertains to battle garments that the characters wear to identify to their stations. Black is also worn by the royal family and those who are closely affiliated to them.

More than just a battle costume, Noctis and his friends’ outfits will play a bigger role in battle. However, Tabata failed to give specific details on this. “Final Fantasy XV” will released sometime in 2016, with the date expected to be revealed later on.

"Final Fantasy XV" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)