Ashley Graham poses in a black bikini for Elle UK's July 2015 issue. Elle UK (

Ashley Graham is at it again! The plus-size model is appearing in yet another prestigious publication, this time flaunting her curves in a black bikini.

The model will show her sexy side in Elle UK’s July issue, reports E! News on Tuesday. "I hope women see me embracing my curves in my bikini and feel empowered to do the same," Graham also tells the magazine, "I have no reason to hide, and neither should any woman. Curves and confidence make a sexy combination."

Graham even shared with the magazine how she’s never looking to be thinner, only firmer and stronger. "I love my curves and only want to enhance them." Despite critics saying she’s glamorizing obesity, Graham remains to be positive, stating: "There are also women who are getting thinner and thinner. I don't promote anorexia or obesity. I promote health. And healthy at whatever size your body needs to be."

The curvy 27-year-old supermodel has inspired thousands of women with her beauty and confidence. Her killer speech during the TEDx Talks conference held in Valencia, Spain, last week brought the audience to their feet as she delivered an empowering talk titled "Plus Size? More Like My Size."

During the TED talk, Graham addressed body image, loving every inch of herself and breaking the fashion industry, reports the U.K.’s Metro on Monday. She also discussed the “plus size” label, stating how the fashion industry might label her as such, but she liked to think of it as “my size.” She further states how there is “no one perfect body” and how there’s an urgent need “to work together to redefine the global image of beauty.” “This,” she said, “starts by becoming your own role model.”

That wasn’t the first time that this supermodel participated in an inspiring project or address a controversial subject. In an article at Us Weekly published last April, Graham appeared in Swimsuitsforall’s bikini body ad, raised in response to Protein World’s now-banned "Are you beach body ready?" campaign.

Ashley Graham has appeared in various fashion magazines such as Elle Quebec, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Latina. She’s also the first plus-size model to star in a campaign for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

The July issue of Elle UK magazine will available this Thursday.