U.S. firm Wyse Technology on Wednesday rolled out a new version of its PocketCloud application, enabling free sharing of music and videos between consumers' mobile devices.

Instead of saving content to far-away servers and then downloading it every time it is used, PocketCloud links devices with each other -- for example allowing users to access music downloaded on their iPad from their iPhone.

Research firm Juniper expects the annual consumer market for remote, so-called cloud, mobile services to grow to $6.5 billion by 2016 as technology industry heavyweights Amazon, Google and Apple boost the market.

Juniper expects music and video storage or acquisition services such as Amazon's Cloud Drive and the forthcoming Apple iCloud to gain rapid traction with substantial adoption on phones and tablets.

Wyse -- whose core business is in selling services to corporations -- is moving early in the consumer market with its different approach, and pricing the service at $1 a month, while comparable services today cost well above $100 a year.

There is a great opportunity, said David Nagy, director of product marketing for Wyse's mobile cloud business unit. We don't have a data center and we have a relatively small team.

(Reporting By Tarmo Virki in Helsinki; Editing by Helen Massy-Beresford)