Pokémon Go’s Halloween event is here, and that means five new Pokémon from Gen 3 are in the game. Based on several datamines from the Silph Road subreddit, here are all the finer stats you’ll need to know to make the most of each new arrival.

Max CP For Halloween Event Pokémon

For those who’ve never played Pokémon Go before, CP is the number that signifies how powerful a Pokémon is. The higher the CP, the more formidable they will be in battle situations. Here’s a look at the CP stats for the new additions.

  • Sableye: 1118
  • Shuppet: 748
  • Banette: 1777
  • Duskull: 449
  • Dusclops: 1144

With that in mind, Banette is definitely the one you’ll want to have on your roster if you plan on keeping gyms and claiming them. That being said, it’s important to note that these stats only apply to the maximum CP each of these Pokémon can have if encountered in the wild. In other words, depending on your region, you could be more inclined to find a more powerful Dusclops. The ceiling is highest for Banette, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find one at that level.

Capture & Flee Rates

If you are fortunate enough to encounter one of the Gen 3 newbies during the Halloween Event, there are different rates that determine if they’ll be caught or if they’ll run away. Because we’re dealing with ghosts, flee rates are a bit higher than average. That being said, that frustration should be offset through Nov. 2 with the increased encounter rates.

  • Sableye: Capture 0.2/Flee 0.7
  •  Shuppet: Capture 0.4/Flee 0.1
  • Banette: Capture 0.2/Flee 0.7
  • Duskull Capture 0.4/Flee 0.1
  • Dusclops: Capture 0.2/Flee 0.7

In general that means, if encountered, most of these Gen 3 additions should be as difficult to catch as a Gen 1 starter. For a Pokémon like Sableye, for example, it would mean at level 14 there’s a 20 percent chance of capture. That rate decreases proportionally as your trainer level increases.

Gen 3 Movesets

Once these Pokémon have been added to your party, they’ll feature a small number of attacks. Here are the attacks each new monster can learn.

  • Sableye: Shadow Claw, Feint Attack, Power Gem, Fowl Play, Shadow Sneak
  • Shuppet: Feint Attack, Astonish, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak
  • Banette: Hex, Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball,  Dazzling Gleam, Thunder
  • Duskull: Hex, Astonish, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak
  • Dusclops: Hex, Feint Attack, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch

Many of these attacks are fairly predictable and representative of their original sets in Ruby And Sapphire, but the main one to take note of here is Banette. That monster’s got the Shadow Ball + Shadow Claw combo that was removed from Gengar a while back. It’s a really strong attack set, and that makes that particular catch all the more valuable.

Egg Details

We won’t really know what’s going on with Gen 3 eggs until the full release, but this is what we surmise based on a list from Ranked Boost and existing eggs in the game.

  • Sableye: 5 km
  • Shuppet: 5 km
  • Duskull 10 km

These numbers are subject to change, but they’re a solid indicator of what we know right now.

As described in a blog post on Thursday, Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event carries through Nov. 2. In addition to these Gen 3 ghosts, players will also be privy to increased encounters with existing ghosts, increased candy yields and special item boxes. A limited version of Pikachu with a witch’s hat can also be found.

Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event so far? Have you caught any Gen 3 monsters yet? Tell us in the comments section!