Pokemon Go
Niantic is updating “Pokémon GO” to a new app version. Reuters/Mariana Bazo

“Pokémon GO” is being updated to its latest app version. Find out what the update includes below.

Niantic Labs took to the official “Pokémon Go” blog on Tuesday to announce the arrival of version 0.69.0 of the Android app and its iOS counterpart, version 1.39.0. The new update is said to further tweak the recently-revamped gym system, and it also comes with fixes for certain issues in the game.

What’s New?

Based on the release notes the “Pokémon GO” team published, the new update comes with new icons that are shown on the information screen. These icons will indicate how a specific Pokémon was caught by the Trainer.

The developers of the famous free-to-play augmented reality game have also added new abilities with this update. First, Trainers now have the ability to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym after realizing a Raid Battle.

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The next ability allows Trainers to send Berries to the pocket monster they have assigned to defend Pokémon Gyms. This is advantageous to players, since they will be able to feed their Pokémon though they may not be nearby the Gym they assigned them to defend. However, the motivation that will be regained through this action won’t be the same as when the player chooses to go nearby the Gym.

Lastly, the “Pokémon GO” team added the ability to enable players to give Berries to their pocket monsters who are defending Gyms even when their motivation meter is full. Eurogamer sees this ability as a positive addition to the game, for it helps one bolster their Pokémon if it is under attack by other monsters. Plus, it is said to be a good way to offload unwanted Berries in exchange for Stardust.

Other Changes & Fixes

Another change that the developers mentioned in the blog post is the improved search functionality in the Pokémon Collection screen. Meanwhile, the update also brings with it various bug fixes. For example, there is a fix for when Pokémon are not properly returned to their Trainer after failing to defend the Gym they’ve been assigned to.

Other subtle changes that are part of the new app update include a feature that informs players where they assigned their Pokémon. The information is presented on the stats screen. Meanwhile, the journal has been updated to keep track of the Pokécoins Trainers are getting from returning Pokémon.

Anniversary Event

The new update comes days prior the upcoming first anniversary event of “Pokémon GO” that is set to happen this weekend at Grant Park in Chicago. During the event, Niantic is going to release the first Legendary Pokémon to the public. More details about the event are found here.

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As part of the game’s first anniversary, Niantic has also started selling a limited Anniversary Box that comes with six Incubators, six Max Revives, 20 Ultra Balls and two Premium Raid Passes. The box is worth 1200 Pokécoins.

In addition, the developer has released a special Pikachu that’s wearing Ash’s famous hat from the animated series. Starting early this month until July 24, players can catch this special Pikachu.