The in-game Water Festival in “Pokémon GO” did not only increase the spawn rates of Water-type Pokémon, it also brought with it a shiny version of Magikarp. Though the fish Pokémon is considered the most pathetic creature in the entire Pokémon universe, Trainers really enjoyed the appearance of its shiny version that Niantic Labs has decided to keep the rare glowing aquatic monster.

On Wednesday, Niantic took Twitter to announce via the official Pokémon GO account that the rare golden Magikarp is staying for good even though the Water Festival is already over. Just last week, the Water Festival went live in the mobile app with the promise that all Water-type Pokémon are making a splash so that players can easily catch them.

The day after the festival started, Niantic announced that in honor of the celebration a Magikarp Hat was added to the wardrobe of Pokémon Trainers. Unbeknownst to players that time, John Hanke’s company has already seeded the rare golden Magikarp into the game. Last Friday, players were stunned to know that there have been sightings of the Shiny Magikarp in the game.

The Shiny Magikarp has obviously become the talk of the town throughout the duration of the Water Festival. It even stole the spotlight from the elusive Lapras that everyone’s been raving to catch. The reason for the Shiny Magikarp’s instant fame obviously has to do with its evolved form. While the typical Gyarados is dark blue in color, the one that evolves from a Shiny Magikarp is red.

The introduction of Shiny Magikarp and Shiny (red) Gyarados in “Pokémon GO” opens the doors to the possibility of having more shiny Pokémon in the near future. Forbes believes that this could be a sign that shiny Pokémon are making their way into the mix. It’s possible that Niantic could be introducing new shiny Pokémon in the next festival or in-game event, or it could just be adding unlockable shiny variants for all types in the next major update for the iOS and Android apps.