• Team Go Rocket Special Research paused until September
  • Niantic could be planning some new event
  • Niantic continues to improvise so players can still play at home

Niantic has plenty of "Pokemon Go" content lined up for May although it will exclude some originally scheduled events. That includes the Team Go Rocket Special Research which has now reportedly been pushed to September. The reason behind the move remains unclear but most feel it is not because game developers want to fix some bugs tied to the game.

One reason could be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With most restricted to their homes, the "Pokemon Go" player movement is limited to none. Though Niantic has improvised by coming up with ways for trainers to play even when confined to their homes, the move has become a mystery for some. But then again, the setup is only temporary, hinting that Professor Willow and his team will at some point rise once more, Game Rant reported.

Also, it could be a move to prepare "Pokemon Go" players for something big coming later this year. It could buy them some time to work on an unnamed event and some happenings point to such. this includes the periodic appearance of Team Rocket's boss Giovanni that could be tied up to big things happening moving forward.

Last March, Niantic introduced the new Shadow Boost mechanic that benefitted the Shadow Pokemon owned by the team of Professor Willow. Niantic may be devising more ways to boost that team and the earliest time that most can see that is by September.

Aside from the Shadow Boost mechanic, there was also the Remote Raid Passes that allowed "Pokemon Go" players to catch a powerful Pokemon even if they are unable to visit a gym. Regardless, "Pokemon Go" players will not run out of things to do. Aside from the limited things they can do at home, some of the May Spotlight Hours events include "Pokemon Shellder," "Sunkern," "Poochyena," and "Bronzor."

Even before those, most already heard about the Throwback Challenge 2020 that focused on Kanto Pokemon and Research rewards. This includes Sinnoh Pokemon Shinx will also be available as a Research Breakthrough encounter until June 1, 2020. The event somehow leaked to several "Pokemon Go" players but Niantic warned that they will no longer be included in the official event.

Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go gained a lot of popularity following its release in 2016. The app was commended for getting people to go out and lead healthier lifestyles. Ana Verrusio / Pixabay