“Pokémon Go” update data mining continues at Pokémon GO Hub, and contributors have leaked some new trading details from the 0.37.1 Android APK. Most notably, it seems the feature won’t be governed by Bluetooth or NFC.

In an attempt to debunk recent rumors of a Ditto Easter egg, GO hub has continued to analyze the app’s “global-metadata.dat” file. For those that missed our explanation Monday, everything located within that spot references external server network calls that must be made after certain in-game conditions have been met. Recently, the “shoulder Pikachu” Buddy System Easter egg was governed by global metadata pings.

On the hunt for further discoveries, data miners have since located a few new strings related to trading. These include links to trading search protocols, trading offer protocols, polling trade response protocols and trading result protocols. Much like was assumed in previous leaks, it appears users will be able to make a trade offer to which fellow trainers can respond. The responses will be shown to the player that made the offer.

What’s particularly curious about the most recent update, however, is there’s no mention of NFC or Bluetooth connectivity in the code. Early “Pokémon Go” rumors suggested that trades could be carried out through those means, but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now. If this leak is any indication, a standard Internet solution might be what Niantic is working on.

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee the feature will be totally unrestricted. Niantic could easily create its own parameters to base search results around certain geographic distances or regions.

It’s also worth noting that the trading system that exists today merely functions to swap Pokémon as opposed to items as well. There are specific data strings for “set_ReturnPokemon” and “get_ReturnPokemon” with absolutely no mention of other kinds of offers.

Trading has been a long requested feature for “Pokémon Go,” and Niantic has pledged to introduce it as soon as possible.

“Pokémon Go” is available now on Android and iOS

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