“Pokemon Go” players on The Siplh Road Reddit may have data mined the game’s most recent update to leak some pretty important features. While not fully implemented, we can get a sense for how trades, legendaries and new increases will be leveraged.

When it comes to trades there are four notable strings worth talking about. There are references to “trade_search,” “trade_offer,” “trade_response” and “trade_result.” With these subsections in mind, it’s not too hard to imagine how the mechanic might actually work. It seems like players will be able to search for eligible trades or offer up one of their own Pokemon for an exchange. Offers are accompanied by responses and, if agreed, a trade result is cataloged for both trainers and Niantic to keep.

The one thing that remains to be seen is how the search feature will function. It could be accessible across regions to the entire Internet, or it might even be limited by distance. With this particular leak, there’s no way to know for sure.

Nearly as demanded as trading is the addition of Legendary Pokemon like Mew and Mewtwo. The update doesn’t show how these rare monsters will be found, but there is a solitary string for “activity_catch_legend_pokemon.” All this really tells us is that legendaries are being worked on and that there will be some kind of special animation or splash screen when the shinies have been captured.

Increase rejuvenation also seems to be in “Pokemon Go’s” future. Amongst the leaked findings, the new update carries ties to unused spicy, cool and floral varieties. Assumingly, spicy seems like it might be used to attract fire and electric types while cool could spawn water and ice. As for floral, that relates closest to bug and grass varieties.

There’s no indication of when the above features will be fully available, but the mining proves that Niantic is setting up a framework for each of them to be used. Trading was specifically promised for a future update shortly after the game launched.

“Pokemon Go’s” latest update was released on Tuesday and is headlined by a new appraisal feature that measures a Pokemon’s individual stat values. Nests for many Pokemon were also swapped to different locations. Following a strict limiting of third-party trackers for the app, appraisals are an official alternative to off-book IV calculators like PokeAdvisor.

“Pokemon Go” is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of these update leaks? Do you like the trading system and the new increases? Tell us in the comments section!