We previously reported about “Pokémon GO” players complaining how it was hard to catch a Togepic in the wild. Many Trainers even vented their frustration on social media after having to wipe out their entire supply of Ultra Balls and Berries in an attempt to obtain the Gen 2 Flying/Fairy-type Pokémon. Fortunately, it seems Niantic Labs is not turning a deaf ear to the cries of players who really want to own Togepi’s evolved form.

The Silph Road took to Reddit on Sunday to relay to players that the settings for Togetic in the GAME Master file have been modified. As opposed to the one percent rate of the creature before, its base flee rate has now been modified to 5 percent. This means players will now have better chances at catching a Togetic in the wild.

The increase may not sound enough, but this actually makes the Pokémon just as catchable as Dragonite. Previously, Dragonite was also elusive. According to Reddit user rezecib, the Dragon/Fying-type had a base capture rate of four percent, which was similar to what Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur had. However, Niantic has already adjusted the rate to five percent.

Trainers who finally managed to catch Togetic happily shared their experience on The Silph Road’s thread. User Ross123123 wrote: “That’s why it only took me 4 Ultra Balls, I was expecting it to be a lot harder when I found one earlier.” Another Reddit user with the handle JMata4572 stated: “1 Berry + 1 Great Ball… thought I was Neo for a little while before reading this.”

Other players flocked to the thread Reddit user deevee12 started. User Osharnose commented: “That’s great! Whenever I get lucky enough to run into a Togetic it won’t be too bad now.” As for sudojay1, the Reddit user wrote: “Glad to see that change. It’s one thing to make the game challenging. It’s another to make some things, things that should be relatively normal parts of the game, almost impossible. That’s a sure way to chase people away.”

Tell us in the comments below if you already caught a Togetic now that Niantic adjusted the Pokémon’s base flee rate.