Data mining of the secrets of “Pokémon Sun and Moon” has become unstoppable ever since The Pokémon Company released the demo version of the upcoming games last month. This week, more details have leaked online, including the version-exclusive Pokémon and Ultra Beast. In case you are still pondering on which title to choose when the Nintendo 3DS games arrive on Nov. 18, this new leak can help you decide.

On Tuesday, Reddit user VanitaLite shared on the social news aggregation and discussion website the official list of creatures that are going to be version-exclusive. Based on the table the Redditor made, Passimian, Tortunator, Lycanroc Midday-Forme, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetails, Solgaleo and UB-02 Expansion are going to be exclusive to “Pokémon Sun.” On the other hand, Oranguru, Drampa, Lycanroc Midnight-Forme, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Lunala and UB-02 Beauty are exclusive to “Pokémon Moon.”

The new list is actually the corrected version of a previous leak that accidentally swapped the creatures, causing fans of the games to believe that the “Pokémon Sun” exclusive creatures are appearing only in “Pokémon Moon” and vice versa. With this corrected version, some players who have already preordered the title they want have expressed their disappointment. For example, Reddit user threnna wrote: “I was so excited for Alolan Vulpix in “Moon,” darn.” Redditor Despada_ also shared the same sentiment by commenting, “Same.. It made sense to me too, but I guess I’ll have to redecide (sic) my story team now.”

This new leak is just one of the many that are surfacing on the internet. According to Polygon, YouTuber Kaphotics has retrieved data from the titles and shared them on the video-sharing platform. Some of the things Kaphotics leaked online are details about the Starter Pokémon, their movesets and their stats.

Another leak that’s floating around refers to a series of screenshots of the games. The screenshots were shared on imgur and what’s most striking about them is they confirm one major fan theory about the storyline of the games. As it turns out, Aether Foundation’s leader, Lusamine, may indeed have a different motive in studying the Ultra Beast, as per Kotaku. The screenshot even shows Lusamine’s real form when she transforms into the beast that she really is.

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