Pokemon GO
Niantic Labs is rolling out a new update to "Pokémon GO" soon. Getty Images/VASILY MAXIMOV

“Pokémon GO” Trainers may notice that certain species of Pokémon are appearing in places where they usually spotted Rattata, Pidgey or Zubat. This is actually not part of the Halloween event that ended on Nov. 1, or the remnants of it. Instead, it’s part of the changes Niantic Labs implemented recently.

Announcing the alteration made, Niantic took to the official “Pokémon GO” Twitter account to tease: “Professor Willow has discovered that you may encounter other Pokémon where Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat were previously more commonly found.”

In a Reddit thread discussing the noticeable changes, user dronpes wrote that there is enough evidence to prove that there has been a redistribution of Pokémon that are appearing in certain areas.

The Redditor pointed out that this change is in favor of greater diversity since spawn behaviors of certain Pokémon have been modified. This means, when Trainers head to a park, pier, river or coast, they will notice that a couple more species have been added into these places.

Eurogamer has learned that “Pokémon GO” players are now sharing that new spawn points for rarer monsters have become evident. In addition to the redistribution, Eevee is said to now hatch from 5km Eggs only. This then increases the chances of getting stronger and rarer Pokémon to hatch from 10km Eggs.

Aside from the changes that are already implemented in-game, Trainers should also watch out for the major update that is expected to hit Niantic’s famous mobile app soon.

Based on Heavy’s information about the big update, it should come with a feature that gives daily bonuses to players who are using the app regularly. The update is also expected to give players the ability to pause the game after defeating a Poké Gym leader to prevent sniping.

The upcoming update has a build version of 0.45.0 for Android and 1.15.0 for iOS. Forbes said that it is very likely for Niantic to launch the “Pokémon GO” update prior the release of Game Freak’s “Pokémon Sun and Moon” on Nov. 18.