It’s not Christmas, but “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players will feel like it’s still the gift-giving season after The Pokémon Company announced this week that it will be giving away in-game gifts starting this February. In all honesty though, the gifts will be handed to players as compensation to the mistake the company committed while bringing the Mega Stones to the Alola Region-based games.

For die-hard fans of the franchise, it’s easy for them to spot the problem with the Mega Stones in the new games. Apparently, not all of the Mega Stones have been carried over to the newest installments in the Pokémon games series. There are a couple of Mega Stones that are not obtainable from the Battle Tree, as per My Nintendo News.

Having known of this issue, The Pokémon Company announced a remedy to please gamers who were irritated by the absence of some Mega Stones. Serebii learned that the company intends to gift the missing Mega Stones to players. So in late February, the Mawilite and Beedrillite Mega Stones will be given to players as entry gifts for the Online Competition. Mawilite is a Mega Stone used in evolving Mawile to Mega Mawile. On the other hand, Beedrillite is a Mega Stone used in evolving Beedrill to Mega Bedrill.

As for the other missing Mega Stones, The Pokémon Company promised that they will be distributed to gamers in a similar fashion in future events. The company did not name the other missing Mega Stones, but it did state that more information about them will be released when the right time comes.

The announcement comes in the wake of the company’s decision to ban nearly 6,000 players from “Pokémon Sun and Moon.” The ban was reportedly imposed to players who had “engaged in unauthorized modification of their game data,” as reported by Siliconera.

In the notice sent out by The Pokémon Company, it is stated there that the 5,954 banned players will be excluded from the Rating Battle rankings. They will also be banned from participating in upcoming Online Competitions. Plus, they will no longer have the ability to use Game Sync.

“Going forward, we will take similar actions at regular intervals if we continue to identify players using game data that has been modified in an unauthorized way. If we identify that certain players are repeatedly engaging in such unauthorized behavior, further restrictive actions may be taken against them without warning,” the company said.