“Pokemon Sun And Moon” have been the subject of both true and false leaks, so we’re unsure where pokejungle’s latest report falls on that spectrum. Taken with a big grain of salt, we may have more details on evolutions, Alola forms and the purpose of the sun and moon in these games.

The above information comes from an “anonymous source” and should thus be treated with the same degree of skepticism as any other franchise leak.

That being said, evolutions appear to be a really big focus this time around. The previously revealed dog-like Pokemon, called Rockruff, apparently has multiple evolutions that depend on a new Z Stone item, Synchro Evolution and the phase of the moon when it evolves. In any case, there’s some kind of cowl that attaches to the creature’s tail. Similarly, there’s another monster that evolves depending on sun position. It apparently shoots seeds like a cannon.

What this tells us is that “Pokemon Sun And Moon” relies heavily on time of day. With that mandate in mind, the leak claims there will be a few locations within Alola that are in constant states of day or night. Traveling to these locales will help better manage collections.

A few new Pokemon were also cited for interesting evolutions. The source claims that Komala might grow into a larger bear called Ibernate. Pikipek is believed to have two evolutions called Perfowl and Fowldrill that gain steel typing when fully grown. Bounsweet learns fire abilities as  Pepperot, and Tortunator becomes Krakatuga. The latter has a weak spot on its stomach. All of these creatures intend to expand the Aloladex beyond what currently exists.      

Speaking of Alola, it looks like several fan favorites may get revised Alola Forms too. Paris may soon get a fairy variation, Golem and Koffing will gain fire abilities, Grimer will go ground-type and Solrock will get an unknown new form.

To partially legitimize their claims, the anonymous source has also posted sketches of the supposed designs.

“Pokemon” fans know thatleaks are commonplace with any new games, and these claims are more than a little suspect. Especially with the addition of the art, there’s some reason to think that these ideas may be a way for the creator to falsely spread the influence of his or her work. In the absence of official details, however, these concepts do carry a certain degree of intrigue.

“Pokemon Sun And Moon” come to 3DS on Nov. 18.

What do you think of this leak? Are the new evolutions and Alola forms accurate? Tell us in the comments section!