A Japanese scientist's grotesque claim that human waste can be turned into edible meat-like substance has caused some gastric flutter across the world.

Several reports have hit the web since the announcement by Okayama Laboratory scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda, explaining how the poop burger is made.

According to the latest reports, some people who actually ate the 'turd burger' have said it tastes like beef.

Ikeda was allegedly approached by Tokyo Sewage, which was faced with the problem of abundant sewage mud. They wanted to know if it was possible to process the mud containing human excrement into anything useful.

Ikeda toyed with the idea of tuning the sewage mud into edible material. He found that the sewage mud was full of protein thanks to the whole lot of bacteria in it. The artificial food was created when the extracted proteins were processed through a reaction enhancer and pressed through an exploder.

According to Ikeda, the resultant artificial meat contained 63 percent proteins, 25 percent carbohydrates and 3 percent lipids. Nine percent of the material was made up of minerals. Sounds like a balanced meal?

For aesthetics, the scientists gave the substance a color and then added soy protein to give it the meat flavor. And according to Ikeda, the people who ate it said it tasted like beef.