• A popular 1997 PlayStation title is coming to the Nintendo Switch
  • "Moon" is a one-of-a-kind "anti-RPG" title
  • It will be launched on Aug. 27

Popular “anti-RPG” PlayStation title “Moon” will be coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, for the first time in English.

Fans of the 1997 PlayStation title “Moon” will be glad to know that it is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 27. This was announced by game developer Onion Games.

“Moon” is not the usual kind of role-playing game. Game designer Yoshiro Kimura once called the game an “anti-RPG” in that it does not have the same mechanics as other RPGs, Polygon reported.

Here's a quick look at some of the game's interesting details:

Don't be a Hero”

While other RPGs put players in the shoes of a typical “hero” who goes about looking for enemies, killing them, then gaining experience points to level up in the process, “Moon” puts players in the shows of a kid who gets sucked into a video game and is forced to follow the “hero” to save the souls of those the “hero” slays.

Experience the Love”

Unlike traditional RPG heroes that defeat enemies, crash into non-player characters' houses then get their belongings and money (whether it's in-game currency called “gil,” “zenny” and so on), the “Moon” protagonist spends his time learning about the NPCs of the game, saving their souls and discovering where they hide their “love.”

An RPG without battles”

While the usual RPG requires players to defeat hordes and hordes of enemies to gain experience, loot and level up to become stronger, “Moon” doesn't require players to kill anyone but time. Players will be engrossed in discovering “what really happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG videogames,” the game's official website says.

Players should note that the original game was launched for the original PlayStation in 1997. The graphics don't look as flashy or beautiful as today's video games that make use of newer technologies. It does, however, have that charm that will entice players who like colorful, living worlds full of unique characters, each of them with a specific personality.

Onion Games said “Moon” will be available starting Aug. 27 for the Nintendo Switch. It will be sold for $18.99 in the U.S.

Moon A screenshot of the anti-RPG "Moon." Photo: Onion Games