Popular porn website Pornhub is making efforts to go beyond just being a regular adult website. It is striving to go beyond titillating — to educating.

The website now has a sexual wellness section, where people will be able to ask questions related to sex and sexuality and get answers from sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito. The website will offer tips on sex-related topics such as basic sexual anatomy and sexually transmitted diseases from a panel of experts, headed by Dr. Betito.

Corey Price, the company's vice president, told Mashable: “Our goal is to provide our visitors with a site that has credible and insightful information, rather than have them scouring the internet.”

Apart from educating people on sexual matters, the Sexual Wellness Center will also have explanations on the latest developments in sexual research and trends in sex tech. Dr. Betito will also host weekly Q&A sessions where readers will be able to get their sex-related queries answered.

The website currently has two major categories — Get Healthy and Sexuality.

The Get Healthy section covers health-related issues, with detailed explanation on the male and female anatomy and even an article on transsexuality. It also covers sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive health. The Sexuality section has three categories — relationships, real talk and FAQs. One important topic that the section has covered is consent, which explains how to tell whether a person is giving his/her consent for sex.

Pornhub's venture might be an innovative one, but it could also be an effective way of imparting sexual education. According to the Daily Beast, almost half of American children between the ages of 10 and 17 are consuming porn online, but only 27 U.S. states mandate the teaching of sex education, which means that many children in the United States simply do not have access to sex education, even though they might be able to access porn.