• "Elden Ring" was officially announced at the E3 2019
  • A new set of leaks about the game recently surfaced online
  • It hinted at a couple of characters who could be potential enemies in the game

FromSoftware launched the announcement trailer of "Elden Ring" at the E3 2019 but fans have not heard much about it since then. No wonder, rumors and speculations about the upcoming action RPG title have been rife online. In fact, a new leak surfaced just recently, revealing a lot of details about the game, including new concept art and a release window for its next teaser.

This new set of leaks came from a Chinese content creator who is said to be a reputable figure within the "Souls" community in China. The insider claimed in a now taken down video that the much-awaited title is scheduled for release in 2021. His claim is backed by Okami, another industry insider who has made his name in the community because of his accurate leaks.

Okami also talked about the new concept art. The first concept art is a warrior with a couple of swords, who, according to Okami, could be seen in the reveal trailer of the game. The other concept art shows a serpent-like character with a human face and lots of limbs.

elden ring
A new leaked image reveals the release date of "Elden Ring," as well as, its presence in this year's The Game Wards. Elden Ring/Bandai Namco/FromSoftware/George R. R. Martin

While the insider mentioned that the first concept art is an enemy, it is not clear if the second character is an NPC or another villain. Okami also shared some details about the upcoming title, including its setting, which is apparently based on Celtic and Norse mythology. He also mentioned that its gameplay would be similar to that of the "Dark Souls" series.

Rumors have it that a brand new "Elden Ring" trailer might be released sometime in January 2021. However, while these details are interesting, it is worth noting that these are unconfirmed and unofficial. Fans should temper their expectations and take these details with a pinch of salt.

FromSoftware earlier thanked fans for patiently waiting for official announcements about the game. The studio confirmed that it is in development and would release more details about it very soon.

"Elden Ring" was announced in 2019 and was initially in development for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.