• Rumors about "GTA 6" are rife online
  • Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed that it is working on the rumored title
  • A newly uncovered data may reveal  one of the mechanics in "GTA 6"

Over the past years, "Grand Theft Auto" fans settled with rumors to talk about "GTA 6." But this year, things seem different. Most speculations about the next "GTA" installment this year came from official documents like the patent filed by Take-Two Interactive. Today, another potential information about the heavily rumored title was uncovered and it is not from "someone who knows something about the game" but through a recent data mining activity.

The discovery was shared by a data miner under the username rollschuh2282 on GTAForums, reported Comicbook. It turns out, they discovered references to parachuting while digging into the files of "Red Dead Redemption 2." Some fans think that the said files could be for "GTA V," but according to the data miner, the files are not listed and do not exist on "GTA V."

The data miner also shared the list of references they uncovered, including "skydive@parachute@pack," "Chute_Off" and "Chute_Off_Bag." Clearly, these references are not applicable to "Red Dead Redemption 2," since the game is an open-world western title set at a time when people have not yet thought of parachute.

Will fans finally see "GTA 6" some time in the Summer of 2020? strelkin / Flickr

For fans wondering why would there be "GTA 6" files on “Red Dead Redemption 2,” the explanation is simple. Whenever game developers create a new game, some of its files are carried over from their previous projects. This usually happens when the game they are currently working on has the same design and utilizes the same engine as their previous work. Most likely, this explains the "GTA 6" references found in "RDR2."

However, fans should temper their expectations about these data mined files for now. Rockstar Games has not yet said anything about "GTA 6." The gaming studio has not yet confirmed that it is working on the heavily rumored "GTA" title. And in the absence of official announcement and confirmation, these details should be taken with skepticism.

Rumors about "GTA 6" have been prevalent over the past years. The recently published Take-Two interactive patent further fueled speculations about the rumored title.